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Flatout ®

Flatout ® on any ONE (1) Flatout® Wrap or Foldit®

exp: 2/9/2022


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Product UPC
Flatout Flatbreads, Olive Oil & Sea Salt 0068833992308
Flatout Flatbread, Light, Original 0068833992319
Flatbread, Olive Oil & Sea Salt 0068833992302
Flatout Flatbread, Artisan, 5 Grain Flax 0068833992434
Flatout Flatbread, Artisan, Traditional Country 0068833992433
Flatbread Multigrain 0068833992290
Flatout Flatbread Wraps, Multi-Grain, With Flax 0068833992394
Flatout Flatbread, Italian Herb 0068833992307
Flatout Light Italian Bread 0068833992295
Flatout Flatbread, Artisan, Rosemary & Olive Oil 0068833992435
Flatout Flatbread, Core 12 0068833992900
Flatout Flatbread, Sweet Hawaiian 0068833992450
Flatout Proteinup 0068833992312
Flatout Flatbread, Light, Italian Herb 0068833992320
Flatbread, Southwest Chipotle 0068833992305
Flatout Original Light 0068833992293
Flatout Flatbreads, Olive Oil & Sea Salt 0068833992297
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