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Wonderful Halos® Mandarins

Wonderful Halos® Mandarins on ONE (1) Wonderful Halos® Mandarins, (any size)

exp: 12/31/2021


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Giant Eagle Clementines, 3 LB 445472240139814668370013003493540333831460533383146163338346652338314616454107221015716900504722401338172240513987224052022731501370391636000029163658379921481461696704001604005024820960504939548605049428676050494920475611077002791928119128100731801082757500047845857020028458570200385002772403857169005028571690058786010700174882648001339163600000291636000021303449314605605049428640
Clementine, 1 LB 7224043037722404343360504951102
Wonderful Mandarins 722405762110072240549
Giant Eagle Produce California Clementines 1011300924333831115433383146043338314606541072210072240133777224013386722401338792148146061843537890060504939551605049428647919281120487762900320