Hallmark Holiday Cards

Hallmark Holiday Cards Valid off THREE (3) Hallmark Holiday Cards, priced $2.99 and up

exp: 12/25/2021


Disclaimer:* Consumer: Coupon valid online and in-stores at participating Giant Eagle retailers in the U.S.A. only through 12/25/2021 of any purchase of Three (or 3) Hallmark Holiday cards priced $2.99 or more. Limit one $3.00 savings per coupon and one coupon per customer. Coupon must be surrendered at time of purchase. May not be combined with other offers, including coupons and promotional merchandise. Excludes gift enclosures and packaged and boxed cards. Not valid on gift card purchases or past purchases. See store for any additional exclusions. No cash value. Tax not included. Offer may be cancelled or modified at any time. This offer is exclusive for you; coupon may not be redistributed. Internet distribution strictly prohibited. No photocopied, photographed, scanned mechanically or digitally reproduced or altered coupon accepted. Coupon fraud is punishable by law. Retailer: 1. Verify consumer has purchased Three (or 3) Hallmark Holiday greeting cards. 2. Scan greeting card UPC. 3. Scan UPC to deduct $3.00. 4. Mail to: Hallmark Cards, Inc. 1551, NCH Marketing Services, PO Box 880001, El Paso, TX, 88588-0001. Promo code: 040867. DO NOT DOUBLE. You will receive face value, provided you and the consumer have complied with the terms of the offer.

Product UPC
CARD CHRSTMS 0000920030646
CARD CHRSTMS 0000920030708
CARD CHRSTMS 0000920030713
Greeting Cards 0000920030734
CARD CHRSTMS 0000920046213
CARD CHRSTMS 0000920046214
CARD CHRSTMS 0000920046327
CARD CHRSTMS 0000920046708
CARD CHRSTMS 0000920046803
CARD CHRSTMS 0000920046972
CARD CHRSTMS 0000920047261
CARD CHRSTMS 0000920047264
CARD CHRSTMS 0072047386544
Hallmark Thomas Kinkade Christmas Card (Snow Cabin) #36 0072047386656
CARD CHRSTMS 0072047386918
CARD CHRSTMS 0072047386922
CARD CHRSTMS 0072047387049
CARD CHRSTMS 0072047387287
CARD CHRSTMS 0072047387577
Hallmark Christmas Card With Sound (Cats Laughing, "O Tannenbaum") #29 0072047388030
Card Chrstms 0072047387052
Card Chrstms 0072652838838
Card Chrstms 0072652838839
Hallmark Signature Peanuts Christmas Card (Fun And Frosty Christmas) #28 0072652838840
Hallmark Pack Of Christmas Money Or Gift Card Holders, Festive Snowman (10 Cards With Envelopes) #26 0072652839042
Hallmark Signature Disney Christmas Card (Wood Mickey Mouse) #29 0072652839022
Hallmark Pack Of Christmas Money Or Gift Card Holders, Santa And Dog (10 Cards With Envelopes) #30 0072652839041
Hallmark Paper Wonder Displayable Religious Pop Up Christmas Card (Christmas Train) #32 0072652841404
Hallmark Good Mail Christmas Card (And Happy New Year) #25 0072652841407
Hallmark Christmas Card (Kindness And Joy) #26 0072652841410
Hallmark Christmas Card (Wonderful You) #27 0072652841411
Hallmark Paper Wonder Displayable Religious Pop Up Christmas Card (Nativity Scene) #34 0072652841413
Hallmark Peanuts Christmas Card (Very Merry Snoopy) #27 0072652841469
Hallmark Money Holder #37 0072652841503
Hallmark Shoebox Cat #35 0072652841645
Hallmark Christmas Card (Red Script Merry Christmas) #30 0072047386835
Dayspring Religious Christmas Card (God's Love) #35 0072047386997
Hallmark Paper Wonder Pop Up Christmas Card With Lights And Music (Plays Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree) #34 0072652839007
Hallmark Pack Of Christmas Cards, Festive Wreath (6 Cards With Envelopes) #31 0072652839025
Hallmark Christmas Cards, Vintage Santa (6 Cards With Envelopes) #28 0072652839031
Hallmark Christmas Card (Reindeer And Snowman) #32 0072652841499
Hallmark Mahogany Christmas Card (May Christmas Bring You Peace) #33 0072652841647
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