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POISE® on any ONE (1) package of POISE® Product (Pads or Liners). Not valid on 14-26 ct. Liners or 10 ct. Pads

exp: 12/8/2021


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Product UPC
Poise Pads, Discreet Bladder Protection Long Length 0003600019570
Poise Liners for Light Bladder Leakage 0003600013333
Poise Liners for Light Bladder Leakage Size 2 0003600019304
Poise Pads Ultimate Absorbency, Long 0003600034104
Poise Pads Moderate Absorbency Long Length 0003600034102
Poise Pads Maximum Absorbency Long Length 0003600034103
Poise Moderate Pad 0003600033558
Poise Pads Maximum Absorbency Long Length 0003600033591
Poise Ultimate Coverage Pad 0003600033592
Poise Pads Maximum Absorbency Regular Length 0003600033594
Poise Pads Ultimate Absorbency Long Length 0003600033593
Poise Liners, Daily, Very Light, Long Length, Huge Value 0003600046592
Poise Pads, Long Length, Moderate 36000335903600039299
Poise Pads, Ultra Thin, Moderate, Regular Length 60 pads 0003600051397
Poise Pads, Ultra Thin, Light, Regular Length 28 pads 0003600051393
Poise Pads, Ultra Thin, Ultimate, Long Length 0003600051415
Poise Pads, Ultra Thin, Maximum, Long Length 0003600051406
Poise Pads, Ultra Thin, Long Length, 5 Maximum 0003600051399
Poise Pads, Ultra Thin, Moderate, Regular Length 18 pads 0003600051396
Poise Pads, Overnight, Ultimate, Extra Coverage 0003600046995
Poise Pads, Light, Regular Length 0003600019202
Poise Pads Regular Length Moderate Absorbency 0003600019586
Poise Pads Moderate Absorbency Long Length 0003600019575
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