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Disclaimer:* MANUFACTURER'S COUPON • START DATE 8/1/21 • OFFER EXPIRES 9/30/21 OFFER VALID IN ALL U.S. STATES WHERE PERMITTED BY LAW Save $1.00 instantly on the purchase of any ONE (1) Q Mixers 4-pack. TO THE CONSUMER: This coupon is good for a $1.00 savings on any ONE (1) Q Mixers 4-pack. Limit one refund per customer. Valid for U.S. residents. Void where taxed, restricted or prohibited by law. Offer not valid for employees of Q Mixers, beverage wholesale or retail licensees or members of their families or households. TO THE RETAILER: We will reimburse you the face value of this coupon plus $0.08 for handling provided you and the consumer comply with the terms of this offer. Any other application constitutes fraud. Coupon is non-transferable, non-assignable and non-reproducible. Consumer must pay any deposit or sales tax. Cash value 1/20 cents. TO REDEEM COUPONS MAIL TO: Q Mixers Giant Eagle $1.00 IRC Offer #071302 31103 Rancho Viejo Road, SUITE D-2111, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 All Coupons must be received by 12-31-21. After 12-31-21 redemption requests will not be responded to. Invoices proving sufficient product purchases to cover coupons presented for payment and/or reports proving consumer redemption must be submitted on request. Failure to do so may, at our option, void all coupons for which no proof is shown. Use not consistent with these terms constitutes fraud and may void all coupons submitted. ©2021 Q Mixers. All Rights Reserved.

Product UPC
Q Mixers Tonic Water, Spectacular, 4 Pack, 6.7 Oz Bottles 0085169400360
Q Mixers Tonic Water, Spectacular, 4 Pack, 7.5 Oz Cans 0085169400379
Q Mixers Beer, Ginger, Spectacular, 4 Pack, 7.5 Oz Cans 0085169400380
Q Tonic Water, Light, 4 Pack, 7.5 Oz Cans 0085654400825
Q Tonic Water, Elderflower, 4 Pack, 7.5 Oz Cans 0085654400846
Q Ginger Beer, Hibiscus, 4 Pack, 7.5 Oz Cans 0085654400853
Q Mixers Ginger Ale, Spectacular, 4 Pack, 7.5 Oz Cans 0085169400381
Q Ginger Beer, Light, 4 Pack, 7.5 Oz Cans 0085654400833