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Del Monte® on any ONE (1) Del Monte® Fruit Cup® Snacks with Infusions

exp: 9/29/2021


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Product UPC
Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks Diced Peaches No Sugar Added 0002400039342
Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks Diced Pears 0002400039344
Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks Mandarin Oranges No Sugar Added 0002400036702
Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks Mixed Fruit No Sugar Added 0002400050777
Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks Diced Pears No Sugar Added 0002400050776
Del Monte Superfruit Pear Acai Blackberry 0002400057731
Del Monte Superfruit Peach & Pear Orange Juice 0002400057732
Del Monte Fruit Naturals, Red Grapefruit 0002400050785
Del Monte Fruit Naturals Cherry Mixed Fruit 0002400050786
Del Monte Fruit Naturals, Citrus Salad 0002400050799
Del Monte Fruit Naturals, Red Grapefruit, No Sugar Added 0002400050793
Del Monte Fruit Naturals Yellow Cling Peach Chunks 0002400050787
Del Monte Fruit Naturals, Peach Chunks Yellow Cling. 0002400050792
Del Monte Fruit Naturals Mandarin Oranges 0002400050791
Del Monte Fruit Naturals, Mango Chunks In Extra Light Syrup 0002400052444
Del Monte Assorted Fruit Cups, No Sugar Added 0002400051115
Del Monte Fruit Naturals Bartlett Pear Chunks 0002400055117
Del Monte Mandarin Oranges 0002400052562
Del Monte Diced Yellow Cling Peaches Fruit Cup Snacks 0002400051116
Del Monte Fruit & Oats, Peach Cinnamon Spice 0002400024666
Del Monte Fruit & Oats, Apple Cinnamon 0002400024665
Del Monte Grapefruit & Oranges in Pomegranate Water 0002400022346
Del Monte Red Grapefruit in Guava Water 0002400022341
Del Monte Fruits & Oats, Strawberry Apple 0002400024859
Del Monte Fruit & Oats, Blueberry Apple 2 - 7 oz (198 g) cups 14 oz (396 g) 0002400024860
Del Monte Bubble Fruit, Peach Strawberry Lemonade Flavor 0002400024877
Del Monte Bubble Fruit, Pear Berry Pomegranate 0002400024878
Del Monte Bubble Fruit, Sour Apple Watermelon Flavor 0002400024880
Del Monte Oats To Go, Apple Cinnamon Crunch 0002400025043
Del Monte Oats To Go, Triple Berry Almond 0002400025044
Del Monte Oats To Go, Banana Nut 0002400025045
Del Monte Oats To Go, Maple & Brown Sugar Crunch Flavor 0002400025046
Del Monte Bubble Fruit, Tropical Mixed Fruit Flavor 0002400024879
Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks, Mandarin Oranges, Family Pack 0002400024672
Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks, Family Pack 0002400024523
Del Monte Stay Well Wellness Infusion 0002400025267
Del Monte Boost Me Wellness Infusion 0002400025268
Del Monte Gut Love Wellness Infusion 0002400025269
Del Monte Glow On Wellness Infusion 0002400025270
Peaches, California, Diced, Strawberry-Banana Flavor 0002400003411
Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks Cherry Mixed Fruit 0002400003412
Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks Mandarin Oranges 0002400005044
Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks Diced Peaches 0002400003409
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