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Product UPC
Freschetta Pizza, Naturally Rising Crust, Canadian Style Bacon & Pineapple 0007218063069
Freschetta Brick Oven Three Meat Medley Pizza 0007218056356
Freschetta 4 Cheese Medley Pizza 0007218063716
Freschetta Pepperoni Pizza 0007218063694
Freschetta Artisan Pizza Crust Pepperoni 72180637887218076269
Freschetta Whole Grain Chicken Roasted Vegetable Pizza 0007218076272
Freschetta Pizza, Premium Pepperoni, Thin Crust 17.96 oz (1 lb 1.96 oz) 509 g 0007218056617
Freschetta Pizza, Garden Veggie, Thin Crust 0007218056618
Freschetta Pizza, Five Cheese, Thin Crust 0007218056619
Freschetta Pizza, Naturally Rising Crust 4 Cheese Medley 0007218063983
Freschetta Pizza, Brick Oven Crust 5 Italian Cheese 0007218063035
Freschetta Pizza, Brick Oven Crust Pepperoni & Cheese 0007218063052
Pizza, Brick Oven Crust, Supreme 0007218063055
Freschetta Pizza, Brick Oven Crust Mushrooms & Spinach 0007218063074
Freschetta Naturally Rising Crust, Signature Pepperoni Pizza 0007218063979
Freschetta Pizza, Naturally Rising Crust Classic Supreme 0007218063975
Freschetta Pizza, Naturally Rising Crust Meat Medley 0007218063969
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