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Gorton's Frozen Seafood

Gorton's Frozen Seafood on ONE (1) package of Gorton's Crab Cakes OR 15 - 24.5oz Gorton's Fillets, Sticks & Portions

exp: 3/10/2021


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Product UPC
Gorton's Maryland Style Crab Cakes 0004440013940
Gortons Fish Fillets, Lemon Herb 0004440015320
Gorton'S Fish Fillets, Breaded, Parmesan Crusted 0004440015640
Gorton's Potato Crunch Breaded Fish Fillets 0004440015340
Gorton's Beer Battered Crispy Fish Fillets 0004440015350
Gorton's Crispy Battered Fish Portions 0004440011250
Gorton's Crispy Battered Fish Fillets 0004440015750
Gorton's Crunchy Breaded Fish Sticks 0004440015460
Gorton's Crunchy Breaded Fish Fillets 0004440015450
Gorton's Fish Sandwich Breaded Fillets 0004440015440
Gorton's Crunchy Breaded Fish Sticks 0004440010270
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