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Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo on any ONE (1) bag of BLUE™ dog or cat treats

exp: 1/3/2021


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Product UPC
Blue Buffalo Health Bars Bacon, Egg and Cheese Dog Treats 0084024310633
Blue Buffalo Health Bar Pumpkin Cinnamon Dog 0085961000510
Blue Buffalo Health Bars Apples and Yogurt Dog Treats 0084024310561
Blue Buffalo Chicken Bits Value Size Dog Food 0084024311665
Blue Buffalo Sizzlers Pork Dog Treats 0084024311661
Blue Buffalo Beef Bits Value Size Dog Food 0084024312272
Blue Buffalo Boo Bars, Pumpkin & Cinnamon, Crunchy Dog Biscuits 596100066385961000663
Dog Biscuits, Santa Snacks, Kringle's Cookies, Crunchy 0085961000933
Blue Buffalo Be Mine Bars 0084024310646
Blue Buffalo Dog Treats, Bacon-Style, Original 6 oz (170 g) 0084024310281
Blue Dog Biscuits, Beef, Large 0084024312948
Blue Dog Treats, Large 0085961000647
Blue Buffalo Dog Treats, Dental Bones, Regular 0085961000530
Blue Buffalo Dog Treats, Dental Bones, Small 0085961000528
Blue Buffalo Rwb Bars 0084024310979
Blue Cat Treats, Healthy, Chicken & Salmon Recipe 0084024312535
Blue Wilderness Dog Treats, Grain-Free, Turkey Recipe, Biscuit 0085961000544
Blue Dog Treats, Natural Crunchy, Grain-Free Biscuits, Duck Recipe 0085961000548
Blue Buffalo Dog Treats, Salmon Recipe, Grain-Free Biscuits, Crunchy 0085961000546
Blue Buffalo Dog Training Treats, Wild Bits, Chicken Recipe, Value Size 0084024312538
Blue Cat Treats, Chicken & Salmon Recipe 0085961000794
Blue Wilderness Cat Treats, Soft-Moist, Healthy, Chicken & Turkey Recipe 0085961000790
Blue Dog Training Treats, Wild Bits, Chicken Recipe 0084024310130
Cat Treat, Chicken Flavor 0084024312029
Blue Buffalo Cat Treats, with Paw-Lickin Chicken 0084024313701
Blue Treats for Cat, with Delish Liver & Beef 0084024313704
Blue Santa Snacks Soft Moist 0084024314136
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