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exp: 10/14/2020


Disclaimer:* *Granola Bars, Treat Bars, Snack Mix, Popcorn, OR Cheese Puffs). Void if altered, copied, sold, purchased, transferred, exchanged or where prohibited or restricted by law. One coupon per purchase of specified product(s). Good only in USA, APOs & FPOs. CONSUMER: No other coupon may be used with this coupon. Consumer pays any sales tax. RETAILER: Annie's will reimburse you the face value of this coupon plus handling if submitted in compliance with our redemption policy. Copy available upon request. Cash value 1/100 cent. Send to ANNIE'S 8, NCH Marketing Services, P.O. Box 880001, El Paso TX 88588-0001 or an authorized clearinghouse.

Product UPC
Annie'S Baked Snack Crackers, Organic, Cheddar Bunnies 0001356230215
Annie's Homegrown Bunny Grahams, All-Natural Graham Snacks - Honey 0001356200015
Annies Snack Crackers, Organic, Baked, White Cheddar Bunnies 0001356230228
Annie's Homegrown Snack Mix, Organic Bunnies 0001356230055
Annie's Homegrown Graham Snacks, All Natural Bunny Graham Friends 0001356230261
Annies Baked Snack Crackers, Organic, Super Cheesy, Cheddar Bunnies 0001356232050
Grahams, Cinnamon 0001356200051
Annie's Homegrown Gluten Free Organic Berry Patch Fruit Snacks 0001356211105
Annie's Homegrown Organic Bunny Summer Strawberry Fruit Snacks 0001356211107
Annies Bunny Fruit Snacks, Organic, Tropical Treat 0001356211100
Annies Fruit Tape, Bendy Berry 0001356200240
Annie's Homegrown Organic Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars -6 Count 0001356200260
Annie's Homegrown Oatmeal Raisin Organic Chewy Granola Bars 0001356200261
Annie's Homegrown Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bars 0001356200262
Annie's Homegrown Bunny Grahams, Chocolate Graham Snacks 0001356200017
Annie's Homegrown Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies 0001356249291
Annie's Homegrown Organic Lemon Drop Cookies 0001356249289
Toaster Pastries, Strawberry with Frosting 0001356200232
Toaster Pastries, Brown Sugar Cinnamon with Frosting 0001356200233
Annie's Homegrown Original Organic Crispy Snack Bars, 5 Count 0001356228972
Baked Snack Crackers, Organic, Cheese 0001356249401
Annie's Homegrown Honey Graham Crackers 0001356200052
Annies Snack Bars, Crispy, Organic, Peanut Butter 0001356210884
Annies Bunny Fruit Snacks, Cherry, Lemon & Orange, Sour Bunnies 0001356210836
Annies Fruit Snacks, Organic, Bunny, Minis 0001356211054
Annie'S Snacks, Gluten Free, Cocoa & Vanilla, Graham-Style 0001356200019
Annies Bunny Grahams, Organic, Neapolitan 0001356211722
Annies Bunny Grahams, Organic, Birthday Cake 0001356210923
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