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Glade® on any TWO (2) GLADE® 3.4oz Jar Candles, PLUGINS® Scented Oil Warmer+ Refill, or PLUGINS® Warmer Only Packs.

exp: 4/30/2020


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Product UPC
Scented Oil Warmer 46500703404650074409
Candle, Cashmere Woods 46500753724650076953
Candle, Pure Vanilla Joy 46500753774650076959
Candle, 2 in 1, Creamy Custard, Apple Cinnamon 46500753664650076948
Candle, Clean Linen 46500753804650076958
Candle, 2 in 1, Vanilla Passion Fruit, Hawaiian Breeze 46500753614650076946
Candle, Apple Cinnamon 46500753624650076947
Candle, Blooming Peony & Cherry 46500763514650076962
Candle, Cozy Cider Sipping 0004650077377
Scented Oil, Cozy Cider Sipping 0004650001271
Candle, Icy Evergreen Forest 0004650001334
Candle, Peaceful Rose & Wood 0004650001335
Glade Candle Sparkling Citrus 0004650001336
Candle, Deep Amber Hills 0004650001338
Glade Piso Starter Kit Icy Evergreen 0004650001346
Scented Oil Warmer & Refill, Deep, Amber Hills, Limited Edition 0004650001347
Glade Candle Toasty Pumpkin Spice 0004650001263
Scented Oil, Toasty Pumpkin Spice 0004650001270
Scented Oil Warmers, Value Pack 0004650076191
Candle, Exotic, Tropical Blossoms 0004650001796
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