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Herbal Essences

Herbal Essences TWO Herbal Essences Shampoo, Conditioner OR Styling Products (excludes bio:renew, Color, Body Wash and trial/travel size).

exp: 9/28/2019


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Product UPC
Conditioner, for Long Hair 3815190307438151905851
Shampoo, Moisturizing 81519055013815190192438151905501
Conditioner, Moisturizing 3815190192738151905502
Shampoo, Volumizing 3815190193038151905503
Conditioner, Volumizing 3815190193338151905504
Shampoo, for Color-Treated Hair 3815190193538151905505
Conditioner, for Color-Treated Hair 3815190193738151905506
Hairspray, 4, Max 0038151901973
Volumizing Mousse, 4, Max 0038151901957
Hairspray, Hold Me Softly, with Lily of the Valley Essences, Medium 2 0038151901972
Shampoo, for Long Hair 3815190307338151905850
Conditioner, Volumizing, with Citrus Essences 0038151901934
Shampoo, Volumizing, with Citrus Essences 0038151901931
Curl Boosting Mousse, 3, Strong 0038151901964
Volumizing Mousse, 4, Max 0038151901959
Gel, Curl Scrunching, with Mixed Berry Essences, Strong 3 0038151901965
Conditioner, Luscious Strength 0038151900143
Shampoo, Luscious Strength 0038151900138
Shampoo, Restored Radiance 0038151918125
Conditioner, Restored Radiance, Moroccan My Shine 0038151918126
Shampoo, Color Safe, with Rose Essences 0038151901936
Conditioner, Color Safe, with Rose Essences 0038151901938
Shampoo & Conditioner, Hello Hydration 0038151907226
Shampoo & Conditioner, Color Me Happy 0038151907225
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