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KOTEX® on any ONE (1) package of U by KOTEX® Products (not valid on Liners 14-22 ct or trial size/travel packs)

exp: 10/23/2019


Product UPC
Pads, Ultra Thin, Regular, Big Pak! 0003600003004
Pads, Maxi, Long Super, Big Pak! 0003600003028
Pads, Ultra Thin, Wings, Regular, Big Pak! 0003600003014
Pads, Maxi, Super, Long 0003600003021
Liners, Daily, Regular 36000010953600001096
Tampons, Plastic Applicator, Multi-Pack, Unscented, Bigpak! 0003600042663
Tampons, Plastic Applicator, Multi-Pak, Unscented, Bigpak! 0003600042340
Tampons, Plastic Applicator, Regular, Unscented, Bigpak! 0003600042337
Liners, Long 0003600042336
Pads, Ultra Thin, Wings, Long, Big Pak! 0003600044709
Pads, Security Maxi, Regular, Big Pack! 0003600047240
Tampons, Compact, Regular, Fit Pak, Unscented 0003600046483
Pads, Ultra Thin, Heavy Flow 0003600046490
Pads, Ultra Thin, Regular 0003600046491
Liners, Everyday, Wrapped, Long, Bigpak 0003600047603
Pads, Ultra Thin, Extra heavy Overnight, BigPak! 0003600047790
Pads, Ultra Thin, Regular 36000038003600003904
Pads, Overnight, with Wings, Ultra Thin, Big Pak! 0003600049035
Pads, Ultra Thin, Regular, Bigpak! 0003600049037
Tampons, Plastic Applicator, Compact, Unscented, Super Plus 0003600049031
Tampons, Unscented, Regular, Bigpak! 0003600049029
Tampons, Plastic Applicator, Regular, Unscented 0003600015063
Tampons, Plastic Applicator, Super, Unscented 0003600015073
Tampons, Plastic Applicator, Super Plus, Unscented 0003600015080
Tampons, Plastic Applicator, Super, Unscented 3600040903360004903036000409030
Pads, Maxi, Regular 0003600001003
Pads, Ultra Thin, Heavy Flow 0003600028741
Pads, Ultra Thin, Regular 0003600028740
Liners, Daily, Lightdays, Extra-Coverage, Big Pak 0003600011067
Pads, Ultra Thin, Long, Big Pack 0003600003050
Pads, Maxi, Overnight, Big Pak! 0003600001042
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