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on Lipton and Pure Leaf Iced Tea when you buy any (2) Pure Leaf 6-Packs or Lipton 12-Packs and (1) Pure Leaf Herbals 18.5 oz bottle

exp: 6/20/2019


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Product UPC
White Tea, Raspberry 00012000022241
White Tea, Diet, Peach Papaya 00012000027444
Green Tea, Sparkling, Strawberry Kiwi 00012000031571
Green Tea, Diet, Mixed Berry 00012000041709
Iced Tea, Peach Flavor 00012000112249
Iced Tea, Sparkling, Lemonade 00012000141935
Iced Tea, Sparkling, Raspberry 00012000141959
Iced Tea, Berry 00012000171192
Iced Tea, Tropical 00012000171208
Herbal Tea, Brewed, Cherry Hibiscus 00012000180941
Herbal Tea, Brewed, Mango Hibiscus 00012000181030
Green Tea, Diet, Mixed Berry 00012000017117
Iced Tea, Peach 00012000016950
Green Tea, Citrus 00012000012761
Iced Tea, Lemon, Diet 00012000012730
Iced Tea, Lemon 00012000012709
Green Tea, Sparkling, Strawberry Kiwi Flavor, Diet 00012000001505
Herbal Tea, Brewed, Peach Hibiscus 00012000181054
Tea, Sweet 00012000286278
Black Tea, Unsweetened 00012000286292
Tea, Extra Sweet 00012000286308
Half & Half, Iced Tea & Lemonade 00012000387807
Iced Tea, Sparkling, Peach 00012000141942
Iced Tea, Peach 00012000130922
Green Tea, Diet, Honey Ginseng 00012000110276
Green Tea, Sparkling, Strawberry Kiwi Flavor, Diet 00012000031588
White Tea, Diet, Raspberry Flavor 00012000022289
Half & Half, Iced Tea & Lemonade 00012000387869
Tea, Raspberry Flavor 00012000286285
Tea, Lemon 00012000286261
Green Tea, Citrus, Diet 00012000012792
Iced Tea, Diet, Peach 00012000017001
Green Tea, Citrus, Diet 00012000018602
Iced Tea, Mango 00012000152726
White Tea, Raspberry 00012000150753
Green Tea, Sparkling Berry 00012000031519
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