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Disclaimer:* Consumer and Retailer: LIMIT ONE (1) COUPON PER PURCHASE OF SPECIFIED PRODUCT AND QUANTITY STATED. NOT TO BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER COUPON(S). LIMIT OF TWO (2) LIKE COUPONS IN SAME SHOPPING TRIP. VOID IF REPRODUCED, PURCHASED, TRADED OR SOLD. ANY OTHER USE CONSTITUTES FRAUD. Consumer: You pay any sales tax. Retailer: You are authorized to act as our agent and redeem this coupon in acceptance with RB Coupon Redemption Policy: face value plus 8¢. Send coupons to: Reckitt Benckiser LLC, Inmar Dept. #26600, 1 Fawcett Drive, Del Rio, TX 78840. Cash value 1/100 of 1¢. Good only in the U.S.A. Void where prohibited

Product UPC
Oven Cleaner, Heavy Duty, Fresh Scent 00062338001388
Oven Cleaner, Fume Free, Lemon Scent 00062338001784
Appliance Cleaner, Stove Top, Lemon Scent 00062338758800
Microwave Wipes, Heat-Activated 00062338765204
Power Cleaner, Multi-Surface 00062338780566
Power Cleaner 00062338780573
Universal Cleaner, Power Stain & Drain 00062338792859
Multi-Surface Power Cleaner with Ultra Shine Bleach 00062338809717
Grill Cleaner, BBQ 00062338818177
Oven Cleaner, Fume Free, Lemon Scent 00062338827278
Oven Cleaner, Lemon Scent, Fume Free 00062338879772
Oven Cleaner, Fresh Scent, Heavy Duty 00062338879796
Grill Cleaner, BBQ 00062338879819
Oven Cleaner, Fume Free, Lemon Scent 00062338893327
Degreaser, Heavy Duty 00062338930893
Kitchen Degreaser, Lemon Scent 00062338970240
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