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exp: 5/2/2019


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Product UPC
Cereal, Blueberry Muffin Tops 00042400000754
Cereal, Tootie Fruities 00042400013631
Cereal, Frosted Whole Gain Oat Cereal with Marshmallows 00042400016571
Cereal, Marshmallow Mateys 00042400016632
Cereal, Oat Blenders, with Honey 00042400022886
Cereal, Oat Blenders, with Honey & Almonds 00042400022992
Cereal, Colossal Crunch, Berry 00042400024637
Cereal, Frosted Mini Spooners 00042400025542
Cereal, Lightly Sweetened Whole Grain Wheat 00042400025573
Cereal, Frosted Mini Spooners 00042400025634
Sweetened Corn & Oat Cereal 00042400036630
Cereal, Fruity Dyno-Bites 00042400037637
Cereal, Cocoa Dyno-Bites 00042400039303
Cereal, Fruity Dyno-Bites 00042400039358
Cereal, Cinnamon 00042400039570
Cereal, Cinnamon Toasters 00042400039631
Cereal, Cocoa Dyno-Bites 00042400044635
Honey Graham Squares 00042400045632
Cereal, Frosted Flakes 00042400057376
Cereal, Raisin Bran 00042400057406
Cereal, Golden Puffs 00042400057437
Cereal, Frosted Mini Spooners 00042400057444
Cereal, Crispy Rice 00042400058007
Cereal, Frosted Flakes 00042400058144
Cereal, Mini Spooners, Strawberry Cream 00042400062370
Cereal, Berry Colossal Crunch, with Marshmallows 00042400062844
Cereal, Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys 00042400064855
Cereal, Apple Zings 00042400069225
Cereal, Tootie Fruities 00042400069232
Cereal, Colossal Crunch, Berry 00042400069348
Cereal, Marshmallow Mateys 00042400069386
Cereal, Honey Nut Scooters 00042400069409
Cereal, Frosted Flakes 00042400069447
Cereal, Golden Puffs 00042400069461
Cereal, Frosted, Mini Spooners 00042400084778
Cereal, Raisin Bran 00042400084860
Cereal, Frosted Flakes 00042400097556
Cereal, Golden Puffs 00042400097570
Cereal, Honey Nut Scooters 00042400097587
Cereal, Cocoa Dyno-Bites 00042400097594
Cereal, Fruity Dyno-Bites 00042400097600
Cereal, Marshmallow Mateys 00042400097648
Cereal, Berry Colossal Crunch 00042400097655
Cereal, Cinnamon Toasters 00042400097723
Cereal, Frosted Mini Spooners 00042400098003
Cereal, Apple Zings 00042400098874
Cereal, Mini Spooners, Strawberry Cream 00042400109037
Cereal, Honey Nut Scooters 00042400120636
Cereal, Oat Blenders, with Honey 00042400125334
Cereal, Oat Blenders, with Honey & Almonds 00042400125341
Cereal, Mini Spooners, Blueberry 00042400142997
Cereal, Berry Colossal Crunch, Super Size! 00042400148623
Cereal, Coco Roos 00042400150633
Cereal, Berry Colossal Crunch, Family Size 00042400188971
Cereal, Marshmallow Mateys, Family Size 00042400188988
Cereal, Honey Nut Scooters, Family Size 00042400188995
Cereal, Coco Roos, Family Size 00042400189008
Cereal, Honey Buzzers 00042400189015
Cereal, Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys 00042400189022
Cereal, Cinnamon Toasters, Family Size 00042400189039
Toasters, Honey Graham 00042400189046
Cereal, Frosted Flakes, Family Size 00042400189060
Cereal, Raisin Bran 00042400189077
Cereal, Corn Bursts 00042400189084
Cereal, Cocoa Dyno Bites, Family Size 00042400189091
Cereal, Golden Puffs, Family Size 00042400189114
Cereal, Tootie Fruities, Family Size 00042400189121
Cereal, Apple Zings 00042400189138
Cereal, Fruity Dyno-Bites 00042400189152
Cereal, S'mores 00042400200581
Cereal, Peanut Butter Colossal Crunch 00042400221029
Cereal, Peanut Butter Cups, Family Size 00042400227779
Farina, Original 00042400267157
Cereal, Chocolatey Chip, Cookie Bites, Super Size 00042400268048
Cereal, Berry Colossal Crunch, with Marshmallows 00042400268857
Cereal, S'mores 00042400268871
Cereal, Birthday Cake Remix 00042400294580
Scooters 00042400300106
Sweetened Puffed Wheat Cereal, Family Size 00042400404576
Golden Puffs 00042400404637
Cereal, Scooters 00042400903499
Cereal, Golden Puffs, Super Size! 00042400904786
Cereal, Crispy Rice 00042400905011
Cereal, Raisin Bran, Super Size 00042400907787
Cereal, Frosted Flakes, Super Size! 00042400910787
Cereal, Honey Nut Scooters 00042400912675
Cereal, Honey Nut Scooters, Super Size! 00042400912781
Cereal, Tootie Fruities, Super Size! 00042400913788
Cereal, Coco Roos, Super Size! 00042400915782
Cereal, Marshmallow Mateys, Super Size! 00042400916789
Cereal, Colossal Crunch, Super Size! 00042400919780
Cereal, Berry Colossal Crunch, Super Size! 00042400924784
Cereal, Frosted Mini Spooners 00042400925019
Cereal, Honey Buzzers, Super Size! 00042400936787
Cereal, Fruity Dyno-Bites, Super Size! 00042400937784
Cereal, Cinnamon Toasters, Super Size! 00042400939788
Cereal, Cocoa Dyno-Bites, Super Size! 00042400944782
Cereal, Honey Graham Toasters, Super Size! 00042400945789
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