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Product UPC
Coffee, Espresso, Ground 00074471000500
Coffee, Ground, Espresso, Party Size! 00074471000555
Coffee, Ground, Decaffeinated 00074471002108
Coffee, Instant, Espresso 00074471011001
Coffee, Instant, Espresso 00074471011025
Coffee, Instant, Espresso, Decaffeinated 00074471011049
Coffee, Instant, Espresso, Decaffeinated 00074471011056
Coffee, Mexican Blend 00074471011070
Coffee, Instant, Espresso 00074471011087
Coffee, Instant, Freeze Dried, 100% Colombian 00074471011117
Coffee, Instant, Freeze Dried, 100% Colombian, Decaffeinated 00074471011124
Coffee Drink, with Milk 00074471015009
Coffee Drink, Chocolate Flavored 00074471015016
Coffee, Ground, Espresso Style 00074471017058
Coffee, Ground, Espresso 00074471017102
Coffee, Ground, Espresso Style, Supreme 00074471017157
Coffee, Ground, Espresso 00074471017201
Coffee, Ground, Espresso 00074471017454
Cappuccino, Classic Flavor, Sugar Free 00074471017683
Cappuccino, Classic Flavor 00074471017706
Cappuccino, French Vanilla 00074471017720
Cappuccino, French Vanilla, Sugar Free 00074471017737
Cappuccino, Mocha 00074471017751
Cappuccino, Classic Flavor, Decaffeinated 00074471017799
Coffee, 100% Arabica, Whole Bean, Espresso Style 00074471018000
Coffee, Whole Bean, Espresso Style 00074471018024
Coffee, Espresso, Supreme, Coarse Ground 00074471100514
Coffee, Ground, Espresso 00074471100521
Coffee Drink, with Milk, Cafe con Leche 00074471105021
Coffee Drink, Chocolate Flavored, Cafe con Chocolate 00074471105052
Coffee, Dark Roast, Espresso Style, K-Cup Pods, Value Size 00074471111022
Coffee, Instant, Espresso, Single Serve Packets 00074471112524
Coffee, Medium Roast, 100% Colombian, K-Cup Pods 00074471112678
Coffee, Instant, Espresso, Decaffeinated, Single Serve Packets 00074471113224
Coffee, Dark Roast, Espresso Style, K-Cup Pods 00074471113934
Coffee, Medium Roast, 100% Colombian, K-Cup Pods 00074471115396
Coffee Beverage Mix, Instant, Cafe Con Leche, Single Serve Packets 00074471213337
Coffee Beverage Mix, Instant, Cafe Con Chocolate, Single Serve Packets 00074471213344
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