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Grape-Nuts® when you buy TWO (2) any variety cereals listed: Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran or Grape-Nuts®

exp: 4/15/2019


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Product UPC
Cereal, Cranberry Vanilla 00884912001849
Cereal, The Original 00884912004710
Cereal 00884912004727
Cereal, Bite Size, Crunch! 00884912005618
Granola, Whole Grain, Cranberry Vanilla 00884912005779
Cereal, Raisin & Almond 00884912011190
Cereal, Spoon Size, Vanilla Almond 00884912032164
Cereal 00884912105219
Cereal 00884912105318
Cereal, Family Size 00884912105400
Cereal, Flakes 00884912109101
Cereal, Flakes 00884912109347
Cereal 00884912114600
Cereal, Whole Grain Wheat & Bran 00884912114709
Biscuits, Original Big 00884912180025
Cereal, Big Biscuit 00884912180056
Cereal, Original, Spoon Size 00884912180506
Cereal, Wheat 'N Bran, Spoon Size 00884912180599
Cereal, Original, Spoon Size 00884912180629
Cereal, Lightly Frosted, Spoon Size 00884912181602
Cereal, Honey Nut, Spoon Size 00884912181701
Cereal, Frosted Cinnamon Roll 00884912267160
Cereal, Frosted Mixed Berry 00884912267177
Cereal, S'mores Bites, Frosted 00884912267184
Cereal, Cranberry Vanilla 00884912282743
Cereal, Honey Nut, Spoon Size 00884912990068
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