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Tyson® off ONE (1) bag of Tyson® Chicken 25.5oz - 32oz

exp: 4/17/2019


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Product UPC
Wings, Honey BBQ Seasoned 00023700011176
Hot Wings, Buffalo Style 00023700011183
Wings, Tequila Lime Flavored 00023700011190
Chicken Minis, Stuffed, Cordon Bleu 00023700012845
Chicken Fries, Homestyle 00023700014078
Breast Tenders, Honey Battered 00023700014122
Chicken Nuggets 00023700014498
Chicken Patties 00023700014504
Chicken Breast Tenders, Batter Dipped 00023700014511
Chicken Patties, Breaded Shaped, Fun Nuggets 00023700014528
Chicken Patties, Spicy 00023700018601
Chicken Patties, Southern Style 00023700018618
Chicken Breast Chunks, with General Tso Sauce 00023700020284
Chicken Breast Chunks, with Spicy Sweet & Sour Sauce 00023700020291
Variety Pack 00023700020840
Chicken Fajitas 00023700022660
Quesa Dippers, Fajita Chicken 00023700024695
Chicken Nuggets 00023700028471
Fun Nuggets 00023700028563
Chicken Fries, Homestyle 00023700028846
Chicken Nuggets, Spicy 00023700036407
Chicken Nuggets 00023700037466
Chicken Breast Patties with Rib Meat 00023700037473
Chicken Breast Tenders 00023700037480
Chicken Strips, Buffalo Style 00023700038029
Crispy Chicken Strips, Chicken Breast Strip Fritters with Rib Meat 00023700038036
Popcorn Chicken Bites, Diced Chicken Breast Fritters with Rib Meat 00023700038043
Chicken Breast Fillets 00023700038067
Wings, Honey BBQ Seasoned 00023700042804
Chicken Nuggets, Cheesy 00023700045669
Chicken Bites, Honey BBQ Flavored, Buffalo Style, Boneless 00023700048509
Hot Wings, Buffalo Style 00023700053022
Chicken Breast, Boneless Skinless 00023700062321
Chicken Tenderloins 00023700062338
Boneless Chicken Wings, Honey BBQ 00023700103802
Boneless Chicken Wings, Buffalo Style 00023700103819
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