Pillsbury™ Refrigerated

Pillsbury™ Refrigerated when you buy any THREE Pillsbury™ Refrigerated Baked Goods Products

exp: 5/14/2019


Disclaimer:* Void if altered, copied, sold, purchased, transferred, exchanged or where prohibited or restricted by law. One coupon per purchase of specified product(s). Good only in USA, APOs & FPOs. CONSUMER: No other coupon may be used with this coupon. Consumer pays any sales tax. RETAILER: General Mills will reimburse you the face value of this coupon plus handling if submitted in compliance with our redemption policy. Copy available upon request. Cash value 1/100 cent. Send to GENERAL MILLS 8, NCH Marketing Services, P.O. Box 880001, El Paso TX 88588-0001 or an authorized clearinghouse.

Product UPC
Biscuits, Buttermilk 00018000000111
Crescents, Sweet Hawaiian 00018000000135
Sweet Biscuits with Icing, Blueberry 00018000000319
Sweet Biscuits with Icing, Chocolate Chip 00018000000326
Dinner Rolls 00018000000944
Rolls, with Marshmallow Icing, Hot Cocoa 00018000000982
Biscuits, Flaky 00018000001040
Biscuits, Flaky, Buttermilk 00018000001057
Biscuits, Flaky, Butter Tastin' 00018000001071
Biscuits, Flaky, Butter Tastin' 00018000001088
Biscuits, Flaky, Buttermilk 00018000001095
Biscuits, Fluffy, Buttermilk, Golden Homestyle 00018000001118
Biscuits, Fluffy, Buttermilk 00018000001125
Biscuits, Flaky, Honey Butter, Golden Layers 00018000001156
Biscuits, Flaky, Big 00018000001453
Cinnamon Rolls, with Extra Rich Butter Cream Icing 00018000001583
Cinnamon Rolls, Big, with Icing 00018000001590
Cinnamon Rolls, with Cream Cheese Icing 00018000001644
Biscuits, Big, Homestyle, Reduced Fat, Golden Wheat 00018000001750
Biscuits, Big, Homestyle Buttermilk 00018000001828
Biscuits, Big, Butter Tastin' 00018000001835
Biscuits, Big, Homestyle, Reduced Fat, Buttermilk 00018000001842
Biscuits, Big, Southern Style 00018000001859
Biscuits, Big, Homestyle, Original 00018000001866
Biscuits, Big, Buttermilk 00018000001873
Biscuits, Big, Butter Tastin', Homestyle 00018000001880
Cinnamon Squares, Pull Apart, with Icing 00018000001958
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Garlic Butter 00018000001965
Breadsticks, Garlic Flavored 00018000001996
Rolls, Pumpkin Spice 00018000002078
Biscuits, Big, Buttermilk 00018000002108
Biscuits, Big, Flaky Layers, Butter Tastin' 00018000002115
Biscuits, Original, Reduced Fat 00018000002122
Biscuits, Homestyle, Honey Butter, Big 00018000002160
Bread, Rustic French 00018000002313
Biscuits, Buttermilk 00018000002320
Dinner Rolls, Crescent 00018000002351
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Big & Buttery 00018000002368
Cinnamon Rolls, with Chocolate Icing 00018000002382
Pizza Crust, Artisan, with Whole Grain 00018000002399
Cinnamon Rolls, with Icing 00018000002542
Biscuits, Big, Flaky Layers, Original 00018000002603
Biscuits, Big, Flaky Layers Original 00018000002610
Caramel Rolls, Flaky 00018000002696
Biscuits, Big, Homestyle, Corn 00018000002986
Biscuits, Big, Homestyle, Blueberry 00018000002993
Biscuits, Flaky, Golden Layers, Honey Butter 00018000003150
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Honey Butter 00018000003167
Pizza Crust, Thin 00018000003174
Cinnamon Rolls, Flaky, with Butter Cream Icing 00018000003181
Pizza Crust, Classic 00018000003389
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Original 00018000004010
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Original 00018000004027
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Butter Flake 00018000004157
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Reduced Fat 00018000004201
Breadsticks, Original 00018000004652
French Loaf, Crusty 00018000004683
Cinnamon Rolls, with Icing 00018000005017
Cinnamon Rolls, with Icing 00018000005079
Cinnamon Rolls, with Icing, Reduced Fat 00018000005093
Cinnamon Rolls, Cream Cheese Icing 00018000005123
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Big & Flaky 00018000005178
Sweet Rolls, Orange, with Icing 00018000005260
Italian Bread, Country 00018000007066
Cookies, Sugar 00018000007240
Cookies, Peanut Butter 00018000007257
Cookies, Chocolate Chip 00018000007318
Dinner Rolls, Crescent Rounds, Original 00018000007356
Flaky Twists, Cinnamon, with Icing 00018000007370
Cinnamon Rolls, Big 00018000007561
Dough Sheet, Seamless 00018000007578
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Big & Buttery 00018000009176
Biscuits, Honey Butter 00018000009183
Brownie Cookies, Hershey's Chocolate 00018000101672
Cookies, Pre-Cut, Sugar, Avengers Shape 00018000101696
Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter 00018000106813
Cookies, Chocolate Sugar, Spooky Cat Shape 00018000268382
Cookies, Oatmeal Brown Sugar 00018000273096
Crescents, Original, 2 Pack 00018000287123
Pie Crusts 00018000287949
Biscuits, Buttermilk, Value Pack 00018000289714
Cookies, Confetti, Big 00018000362936
Cookies, Sugar, Heart Shape 00018000400393
Cookies, Easter Egg, Cut-Out 00018000400416
Cookies, Pumpkin, with Cream Cheese Flavored Chips 00018000407392
Cinnamon Rolls, with Icing, Mini 00018000416011
Cinnamon Rolls, with Icing 00018000416028
Cookie Dough, Hershey's Cookies 'N' Cream 00018000421275
Cookies, Sugar, Thanksgiving Shape 00018000422821
Cookies, Sugar, Back To School Shape 00018000422838
Cookie, Chocolate Chip, Value Size 00018000428410
Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Cookies, Value Size 00018000428427
Cookies, Sugar, Value Size 00018000428434
Cookie Dough, Gingerbread Cookies 00018000428441
Cookie Dough, Sugar, Peppermint 00018000435999
Dough, Gluten Free, Pie and Pastry 00018000436996
Cookie Dough, Gluten Free, Chocolate Chip 00018000437016
Dough, Gluten Free, Thin Crust Pizza 00018000437023
Rolls, Pull-Aparts, Mini 00018000440115
Cookies, Filled, Caramel Brownie 00018000440139
Cookies, Sugar, Mini Pumpkin Shaped 00018000443147
Cookies, Sugar, Pre-Cut, Holiday 00018000443154
Cookies, Pre-Cut, Shape, Sugar, The SpongeBob Movie Sponge Out of Water 00018000445240
Cookies, Chocolate Chip 00018000445899
Cookies, Peanut Butter 00018000445912
Cookies, Sugar, Winter Frozen Heart Shape, Disney Frozen 00018000447381
Cookies, Mint Chocolate Chip 00018000463541
Cookies, Pre-Cut, Shape, Sugar, Minions 00018000464579
Cookies, Sugar, Hello Kitty Shape 00018000466283
Cookies, Pre-Cut, Shape, Sugar, R2-D2 Holiday 00018000466290
Cookies, Pre-Cut Sugar, Bunny 00018000466764
Cookie Dough, Hot Cocoa 00018000478767
Cookie Dough, Gingerbread, Cutout 00018000479832
Rolls, Jumbo, Classic 00018000486618
Dessert Melts, S'more Sensation 00018000487790
Dessert Melts, Molten Fudge Cake 00018000487820
Cookies, Pre-Cut, Sugar, Easter Egg Cut Out 00018000490776
Pizza Dough, Thin Crust 00018000496334
Pizza Dough, Classic Crust 00018000496341
Cookies, Sugar, Cut-Out Football 00018000497133
Biscuits, Country Style, Value Pack 00018000521708
Biscuits, Buttermilk, Value Pack 00018000521807
Biscuits, Flaky Layers, Value Pack! 00018000521906
Cookies, Sugar, Ghost Shape 00018000723140
Cookies, Sugar, Pumpkin Shape 00018000723157
Cookies, Sugar, Pre-Cut, Reindeer Shape 00018000723164
Cookies, Sugar, Pre-Cut, Snowman Shape 00018000723171
Cookies, Sugar, Pre-Cut, Christmas Tree Shape 00018000723188
Cookies, Sugar, Hearts 00018000723225
Cookies, Sugar, Shamrock Shape 00018000723232
Cookies, Pre-Cut, Sugar, Bunny Shape 00018000723256
Cookies, Pre-Cut, Sugar, Chick Shape 00018000723263
Sugar Cookies, Flag Shape 00018000723270
Cookies, Chocolate Flavored Chip with Blue & Purple Morsels 00018000740772
Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chip Flavored 00018000785414
Cookie Dough, Chocolate Flavored Chip 00018000785421
Cookie Dough, Chocolate Flavored Chip 00018000785438
Cookies, Sugar 00018000817726
Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chip 00018000817733
Cookie Dough, Oatmeal Raisin 00018000817740
Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter 00018000817757
Cookie Dough, Macadamia Nut, White Chunk 00018000817771
Cookies, Chocolate Chip 00018000817788
Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chunk & Chip 00018000817818
Cookie Dough, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip 00018000817825
Pie Crusts, All Vegetable, Deep Dish 00018000851331
Pie Crusts, Regular 00018000851348
Pie Crusts, Deep Dish 00018000851386
Cinnamon Rolls with Icing, Value Pack 00018000856459
Turnovers, Real Apple, Flaky 00018000860500
Turnovers, Real Cherry, Flaky 00018000860708
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