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Product UPC
Shrimp Fried Rice 00070077001064
Chicken Fried Rice 00070077001071
Sweet & Sour Chicken 00070077001156
Pepper Beef 00070077001163
Teriyaki Chicken, Sweet 00070077001194
Garlic Shrimp 00070077001231
Orange Chicken 00070077001248
General Tso's Chicken 00070077001255
Bourbon Street Chicken 00070077001309
Beef & Broccoli 00070077001408
Wonton Soup 00070077001583
Fried Rice, Combination 00070077001590
Beef & Broccoli 00070077004201
Chicken Fried Rice 00070077004218
General Tso's Chicken 00070077004225
Orange Chicken 00070077004232
Sweet & Sour Chicken 00070077004249
Teriyaki Chicken 00070077004256
Chicken Egg Rolls 00070077008506
Chicken Chow Mein 00070077800100
Szechuan Beef 00070077810185
Glazed Chicken Potstickers 00070077810291
Chicken & Broccoli 00070077810727
Beef & Broccoli 00070077811205
Pepper Beef 00070077811229
Noodles, Chicken Chow Mein 00070077811243
General Tso's Spicy Chicken 00070077811250
Orange Chicken 00070077811267
Sweet & Sour Chicken 00070077811274
Teriyaki Chicken 00070077811281
Chicken Fried Rice 00070077811298
Combination Fried Rice 00070077811304
Shrimp Fried Rice 00070077811311
Noodles, Vegetable, Lo Mein 00070077812813
String Bean Garlic Chicken 00070077812820
Meatballs, Chicken, Emperor's Spicy 00070077812837
Noodles, Spicy Korean Style, with Chicken 00070077812844
Meatballs, Chicken, Japanese Style 00070077812851
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