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Product UPC
Style Control, Pracaxi Nectar, Gel 00820645000483
Leave-In, Wash-n-Go, Pracaxi Nectar 00820645000506
Curl Twisting Custard, Pracaxi Nectar 00820645000513
Shampoo, Sulfate-Free, for Overworked & Over-Washed Hair 00820645000520
Conditioner, Enriching, for Overworked & Over-Washed Hair 00820645000537
Hair Mask, Softening, for Overworked & Over-Washed Hair 00820645000544
Body Wash, Creamy, Karite Coco 00820645000957
Body Cream, Velvet, Karite Coco 00820645000971
Hand Cream, Intensive, Karite Coco 00820645000995
Shampoo, Sulfate-Free, Coco Creme 00820645002555
Conditioner, Creamy, Coco Creme 00820645002579
Hair Mask, Velvet Cream 00820645002586
Moisture Butter, Coil Enhancing 00820645002609
Curling Butter, Hair Milk 00820645002746
Conditioner, Hydrating, Black Vanilla 00820645226036
Conditioner, Leave-In, Black Vanilla, for Dry, Dull & Brittle Hair 00820645226043
Pure Hair Oil, Black Vanilla, for Dry, Dull & Brittle Hair 00820645226050
Shampoo, Sulfate-Free, Black Vanilla, for Dry, Dull & Brittle Hair 00820645226067
Hair Sheen, Black Vanilla 00820645226074
Hair Smoothie, Black Vanilla, for Dry, Dull & Brittle Hair 00820645226081
Styling Butter, Hair Milk 00820645226098
Cleansing Conditioner, Hair Milk 00820645226104
Hair Milk, for Curls, Coils, Kinks & Waves 00820645226111
Refresher Spray, Hair Milk, for Curls, Coils, Kinks & Waves 00820645226128
Styling Pudding 00820645226135
Styling Foam 00820645226142
Styling Cream 00820645226159
Conditioner, Fortifying 00820645226166
Leave-In Conditioner 00820645226173
Hair Mask, Restoring 00820645226180
Shampoo, Sulfate-Free 00820645226203
Hair Balm 00820645226210
Restorative Cream, Marguerite’s Magic 00820645226227
Shine Pomade, Mimosa Hair Honey 00820645226234
Combing Creme, 4-in-1, for Dry, Dull & Brittle Hair 00820645234871
Combing Creme, 4-in-1 00820645234888
Shampoo, Sulfate-Free, for Extremely Damaged, Over-Processed Hair 00820645234956
Conditioner, Restoring, for Extremely Damaged, Over-Processed Hair 00820645234963
Hair Mask, Ultra-Nourishing, for Extremely Damaged, Over-Processed Hair 00820645234970
Conditioner, Leave-In, for Extremely Damaged, Over-Processed Hair 00820645235120
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