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Product UPC
Cold Remedy, Lozenges, Wild Cherry Flavor 00732216301489
Cold Remedy, Ultra, Crystals, Berry Lemonade Flavor with Elderberry, On-the-Go Packets 00732216301298
Cold Remedy, Nasal Swabs, with Cooling Menthol & Eucalyptus 00732216301205
Cold Remedy, Soothing Lozenges, Cherry Flavor 00732216301113
Cold Remedy Relief, Soft Chews, Grape Flavor 00732216301045
Cold Remedy, Oral Mist, Honey Lemon Flavor 00732216300987
Cold Remedy, Ultra, Quick Dissolve Tablets, Lemon-Lime Flavor 00732216300956
Cold Remedy, Ultra, Orange Cream Flavor, Quick Dissolve Tablets 00732216300918
Cold Remedy, Oral Mist, Arctic Mint Flavor 00732216300697
Cold Remedy, Zavors, Coated Chews, Cherry Flavor 00732216300574
Cold Remedy, Quick Dissolve Tablets, Lemon-Lime Flavor 00732216300413
Cold & Flu, Multi-Symptom, Nighttime 00732216300321
ChewCaps, Cinnamon 00732216300253
Moisture Therapy 00732216300123
Cough Spray, Plus Nasal Decongestant, Cool Cherry 00732216300093
Cough Spray, Nighttime, Cool Cherry 00732216300079
Concentrated Oral Cough Suppressant Spray, Honey Lemon 00732216300062
Cold Remedy, Cherry Flavor, Quick Dissolve Tablets 00732216300048
Cold Remedy, Chewables, Strawberry Flavor 00732216300031
No Drip Liquid Nasal Gel, Nasal Moisturizer 00732216205008
Allergy Relief, Nasal Gel 00732216020182
Cold Remedy, Nasal Gel 00732216010121
Cold Remedy, Medicated Fruit Drops, Assorted Fruit Flavors 00732216301359
Medicated Fruit Drops, Plus Elderberry, Mixed Berry Flavor 00732216301564
Cold Remedy, Gel Swabs 00732216201017
No Drip Liquid Nasal Gel, Kids Size 00732216201031
Intense Sinus Relief, Maximum Strength, Cooling Menthol & Eucalyptus, No-Drip Liquid Nasal Spray 00732216204001
Cold Remedy, Oral Mist, Mint Flavor 00732216300024
Cough Spray, Cool Cherry 00732216300086
Concentrated Oral Cough Suppressant Spray/Nasal Decongestant Plus D, Cool Cherry 00732216300116
Cold Remedy, Citrus Flavor, Quick Dissolve Tablets 00732216300246
Cold & Flu, Multi-Symptom, Daytime 00732216300277
Allergy Relief, with Cooling Menthol, Medicated Swabs 00732216300383
Cough Suppressant, Mixed Berry Syrup 00732216300598
Cold Remedy, Plus, Quick Dissolve Tablets, Cool Mint Flavor 00732216300703
Allergy Relief, No-Drip Liquid Nasal Gel 00732216300796
Congestion Relief, Extreme, Non-Drowsy 00732216300819
Congestion Relief, Extreme, Soothing Aloe Vera, No-Drip Liquid Nasal Spray 00732216204100
Concentrated Oral Cough Suppressant Spray, Cool Cherry 00732216300109
Moisture Therapy, Unscented 00732216300130
Cough Max Spray, Concentrated, Cool Cherry 00732216300154
Cold Remedy, Ultra, Quick Dissolve Tablets, Cherry Flavor 00732216300925
Cold Remedy, Crystals, Lemon-Lime Flavor 00732216300963
Cold Remedy, Liquid Lozenges, Cherry Flavor 00732216300611
Cold Remedy, with Cooling Menthol & Eucalyptus, No Drip Nasal Spray 00732216301083
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