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Product UPC
Sore Throat, Extra Strength, Lozenges, Cherry 00363824710167
Sore Throat, Sugar Free, Extra Strength, Lozenges, Cherry 00363824720166
Sore Throat, Extra Strength, Lozenges, Honey Lemon 00363824730165
Sore Throat & Cough, Extra Strength, Lozenges, Mixed Berry 00363824740164
Oral Pain Reliever Oral Demulcent, Sore Throat & Coating, Sugar Free Lemon Lime 00363824750163
Oral Pain Reliever, 4 mg, Warming, Cherry Soother, Lozenges 00363824760049
Oral Pain Reliever, Cooling, Ice Cool, Lozenges 00363824761046
Oral Pain Reliever, 3 mg, Hydra, Citrus Splash, Lozenges 00363824762043
Sore Throat, Extra Strength, Lozenges, Tangerine 00363824768168
Sore Throat, Max Strength, Lozenges, Arctic Cherry 00363824770161
Sore Throat, Max Strength, Lozenges, Berry Frost 00363824772165
Sore Throat Spray, Cherry 00363824780757
Mouthwash, Antibacterial, Multi-Protection 00363824790800
Sore Throat, Lozenges, Ice Cool 00363824852850
Sore Throat, Hydra, Citrus Splash, Lozenges 00363824852867
Oral Pain Reliever, Warming, Cherry Soother 00363824852874
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