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Gain ONE Gain Liquid Fabric Softener 48 ld or higher (Includes Gain Botanicals) OR Gain Fireworks 5.7 oz or larger OR Gain Dryer Sheets 105 ct or higher. (excludes Flings, Liquid Detergent and trial/travel size).

exp: 1/26/2019


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Product UPC
Fabric Softener, Ultra, Original 00037000011651
Fabric Softener, Island Fresh 00037000011668
Fabric Softener, Apple Mango Tango 00037000086611
Fabric Softener, Original 00037000098553
Fabric Softener, Original 00037000107507
Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets, Original Fresh 00037000223719
Fabric Softener Sheets, Spring Lavender 00037000285939
Fabric Softener, Ultra, Lavender 00037000286110
Fabric Softener, Ultra, Original 00037000292067
Fabric Softener, Island Fresh 00037000332404
Dryer Sheets, Original 00037000432272
Fabric Softener, Island Fresh 00037000432289
Fabric Softener, Orange Blossom Vanilla 00037000757917
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Moonlight Breeze 00037000762874
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Original 00037000762881
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Tropical Sunrise 00037000762898
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Moonlight Breeze 00037000763154
Scent Booster, In-Wash, HE, Original 00037000763161
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Tropical Sunrise 00037000763178
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Moonlight Breeze 00037000763420
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Original 00037000763437
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Original 00037000763628
Fabric Softener, Island Fresh 00037000777526
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Tropical Sunrise 00037000797135
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Original 00037000797166
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Scent Duet, Wildflower & Waterfall 00037000797678
In-Wash Scent Booster, Sweet Sizzle 00037000822387
Fabric Softener, Original 00037000841531
Fabric Softener, Original 00037000841753
In-Wash Scent Booster, Original 00037000855217
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Original 00037000855224
In-Wash Scent Booster, Original 00037000856801
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Blissful Breeze 00037000862062
In-Wash Scent Booster, Original 00037000885993
In-Wash Scent Booster, Moonlight Breeze 00037000887393
In-Wash Scent Booster, Moonlight Breeze 00037000887409
In-Wash Scent Booster, Moonlight Breeze 00037000887416
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Original 00037000898184
Fabric Softener, Moonlight Breeze 00037000898504
In-Wash Scent Booster, Tropical Sunrise 00037000922605
In-Wash Scent Booster, Tropical Sunrise 00037000922612
Fabric Softener, Tropical Sunrise 00037000924494
Dryer Sheets, Original 00037000925101
Fabric Softener, Fresh Water Sparkle 00037000949466
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Scent Duet, Wildflower & Waterfall 00037000956129
In-Wash Scent Booster, Scent Duet Wildflower & Waterfall 00037000956266
Dryer Sheets, Original 00037000978350
Dryer Sheets, Moonlight Breeze 00037000983590
Dryer Sheets, Moonlight Breeze 00037000983606
Dryer Sheets, Tropical Sunrise 00037000983651
Dryer Sheets, Tropical Sunrise 00037000983668
Fabric Softener, Ultra, Original 00037000984344
Fabric Softener, Moonlight Breeze 00037000984405
Fabric Softener, Moonlight Breeze 00037000984481
Fabric Softener, Moonlight Breeze 00037000984504
Fabric Softener, Tropical Sunrise 00037000984542
Fabric Softener, Tropical Sunrise 00037000984573
Fabric Softener, Tropical Sunrise 00037000984603
Fabric Softener, Original 00037000984993
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Original 00037000986652
Dryer Sheets, Original 00037000988939
Dryer Sheets, Moonlight Breeze 00037000988953
Dryer Sheets, Tropical Sunrise 00037000989233
Fabric Softener, original 00037000999294
Fabric Softener, Moonlight Breeze 00037000999317
Fabric Softener, Ultra, Tropical Sunrise 00037000999331
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