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Old Wisconsin

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exp: 1/11/2019


Disclaimer:* RETAILER: Old Wisconsin Sausage will reimburse you for face value of this coupon plus 8 cents handling in accordance with our redemption policy. Cash value 1/100 cent. Mail coupons to Old Wisconsin Food Products 1156, NCH Marketing Services, P.O. Box 880001, El Paso, TX 88588-0100. CONSUMER: Valid only in USA. Void if copied, transferred, prohibited or regulated.

Product UPC
Summer Sausage, Premium, Original 00073170000057
Summer Sausage, Premium, Beef 00073170000071
Ring Bologna, Premium 00073170000248
Summer Sausage, Premium, Original 00073170000354
Premium Summer Sausage, Beef 00073170000378
Premium Summer Sausage, Original 00073170000538
Summer Sausage, Premium, Beef 00073170000552
Liver Sausage, Spreadable, Original 00073170000798
Braunschweiger, Spreadable 00073170000835
Summer Sausage, Premium, Original 00073170002013
Summer Sausage, Premium, Beef 00073170002037
Sausage, Beer Salami 00073170002051
Sausage, XX, Summer 00073170002068
Wiener 00073170003003
Bratwurst 00073170003102
Sausage, Cheddar 00073170100122
Snack Sticks, Hardwood-Smoked 00073170121400
Beef Bites, Beef Sausage 00073170124005
Beef Bites, Beef Sausage 00073170124067
Turkey Bites, Protein Punch, Turkey Sausage 00073170127006
Turkey Sausage, Honey Brown Sugar, Snack Bites 00073170127969
Snack Bites, Turkey 00073170127983
Snack Sticks, Turkey Sausage, Honey, Brown Sugar 00073170127990
Snack Bites, Turkey Sausage 00073170128058
Bold Bites, Sweet Heat 00073170129000
Turkey Bites, Honey Brown Sugar 00073170132000
Sausage Bites, Turkey 00073170148704
Premium Summer Sausage, Premium, Turkey 00073170149008
Sausage Bites, Beef 00073170169808
Snack Bites, Beef Sausage 00073170180803
Wiener, Smokehouse 00073170181503
Summer Sausage, Original 00073170200624
Snack Sticks, Turkey Sausage 00073170208217
Sausage, Cheddar 00073170215017
Polish Sausage 00073170215024
Polish Sausage 00073170220127
Braunschweiger, Onion & Parsley 00073170290168
Spreadable Pate, Original 00073170292155
Polish Sausage, Original 00073170320100
Sausage Sticks, Beef 00073170320261
Polish Sausage, Beef 00073170320322
Sausage Sticks, Honey Brown Sugar Turkey 00073170322807
Sausage Sticks, Pepperoni Flavored 00073170326003
Sausage Sticks, Turkey 00073170327000
Sausage Bites, Beef 00073170329264
Snack Sticks, Beef Sausage 00073170376251
Snack Sticks, Pepp 00073170377333
Bratwurst 00073170400123
Beef Jerky, Original 00073170468000
Snack Sticks, Beef 00073170500014
Snack Sticks, Pepperoni Flavored 00073170500021
Sausage Sticks, Turkey 00073170500038
Sausage, Snack Bites, Beef 00073170524836
Snack Sticks, Beef Sausage 00073170576224
Snack Bites, Beef Sausage 00073170600042
Snack Bites, Turkey 00073170600080
Snack Sticks, Turkey Sausage Sticks 00073170600097
Snack Bites, Hardwood-Smoked, Beef Sausage 00073170622013
Snack Sticks, Hardwood-Smoked, Beef Sausage 00073170622020
Hardwood-Smoked Snack Bites, Turkey Sausage 00073170622037
Snack Sticks, Hardwood-Smoked, Turkey Sausage 00073170622044
Beef Sausage, Hardwood-Smoked, Snack Slices 00073170623041
Summer Sausage, Beef 00073170700124
Snack Bites, Beef Sausage 00073170724830
Snack Sticks, Beef Sausage 00073170731302
Snack Sticks, Beef Sausage & Cheddar Cheese Twin Packs 00073170731319
Snack Sticks, Turkey Sausage 00073170731326
Sausage, Snack Bites, Original 00073170769008
Snack Bites, Original Sausage 00073170771001
Snack Sticks, Original Sausage 00073170772008
Snack Sticks, Beef Sausage 00073170776228
Sausage, Premium Summer, Original 00073170800350
Sausage, Premium Summer, Beef 00073170800374
Summer Sausage, Premium, Turkey 00073170800381
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