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GUM® on any ONE (1) GUM® Soft-Picks® (40 ct. or larger), GUM® Flossers (90 ct. or larger) or GUM® Proxabush® Go-Betweens® Cleaners

exp: 12/31/2018


Disclaimer:* Consumer: Please redeem with store cashier. Do not send to address below.To Retailer: Sunstar Americas Inc. will reimburse the face value plus 8¢ handling if submitted inaccordance with our redemption policy. For policy and/or redemption, send to: Sunstar Americas, Inc.CMS Dept. 70942,1 Fawcett Drive,Del Rio, TX 78840© 2018 Sunstar Americas, Inc.

Product UPC
Soft-Picks, Original 00070942002417
Soft-Picks, Original 00070942002424
Cleaners, Go-Betweens, Ultra Tight 00070942002431
Cleaners, Go-Betweens, Moderate 00070942002462
Cleaners, Go-Betweens, Wide 00070942002479
Proxabrush System 00070942006255
Proxabrush Refills, Tight 00070942064125
Proxabrush, Go-Betweens Refills, Moderate 00070942066129
Go-Betweens Refills, Wide 00070942066143
Soft-Picks, Original 00070942122863
Angle Cleaners, Tight 00070942302838
Angled Flossers, Just Brushed Mint 00070942304177
Flossers, Icy Mint 00070942304382
Flossers, Extra Strong Floss, Mint, Value Bag 00070942304399
Flossers, Comfort Slide, Fresh Mint 00070942304443
Soft-Picks, Original 00070942304467
Soft-Picks, Value Pack 00070942305730
Soft-Picks, Wider Spaces 00070942306171
Soft-Picks, Wider Spaces 00070942306287
Cleaners, Go-Betweens, Wide 00070942306539
Cleaners, Go-Betweens, Ultra Tight 00070942306546
Flossers, Advanced Care, Icy Mint, Value Bag! 00070942306676
Flossers, Professional Clean, Fresh Mint, 3 Pack! 00070942306775
Soft-Picks, Advanced 00070942306973
Soft-Picks, Wider Spaces 00070942002394
Picks, Comfort Flex 00070942001694
Soft-Picks, Advanced, Large Pack 00070942000949
Cleaners, Go-Betweens, Tight 00070942306553
Cleaners, Go-Betweens, Moderate 00070942306522
Flossers, Eez-Thru, Mint 00070942302395
Cleaners, Go-Between, Tight 00070942002448
Flossers, Fresh Mint 00070942001465
Soft-Picks, Original, On-The-Go Case 00070942002387
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