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Downy on ONE Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner 72 load or larger (Includes Odor Protect), OR Bounce/Downy sheets 120 ct or larger, OR In Wash Scent Boosters 10 oz or larger (includes Downy Unstopables, Fresh Protect, Infusions, Bounce Bursts, OR Dreft Blissfuls) (excludes Downy Libre Enjuague, Gain Fireworks, and trial/travel size).

exp: 11/24/2018


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Product UPC
Fabric Softener, Sheets, Outdoor Fresh 00037000017981
Fabric Softener Sheets, Fresh Linen 00037000052753
Dryer Sheets, Outdoor Fresh 00037000073123
Fabric Softener, Ultra, with Silk Touch, Spring Renewal 00037000106258
Fabric Softener, Scent Pearls, April Fresh 00037000106319
Fabric Conditioner, Mountain Spring 00037000106326
Fabric Softener, with Silk Touch, Clean Breeze 00037000106333
Fabric Conditioner, April Fresh 00037000107767
Fabric Softener, Ultra, Clean Breeze 00037000107781
Fabric Softener, HE, Free & Gentle 00037000235422
Fabric Softener, Ultra, April Fresh 00037000235613
Dryer Sheets, Free & Gentle 00037000246848
Fabric Softener, Free & Gentle 00037000248613
Fabric Conditioner, Ultra, April Fresh, Liquid 00037000295112
Fabric Conditioner, Clean Breeze 00037000295129
Fabric Conditioner, Mountain Spring 00037000295150
Fabric Softener Sheets, Outdoor Fresh 00037000304203
Fabric Softener, April Fresh 00037000312208
Fabric Softener, with Silk Touch, Mountain Spring 00037000317647
Fabric Conditioner, Free & Gentle 00037000318262
Fabric Softener, Sheets, Spring Fresh 00037000329787
Fabric Softener, HE, Mountain Spring 00037000353614
Fabric Softener, with Silk Touch, HE, Clean Breeze 00037000396857
Fabric Softener, Clean Breeze, Sheets 00037000412724
Fabric Softener, Sheets, April Fresh 00037000414353
Fabric Conditioner, Sun Blossom 00037000470205
Fabric Softener, Ultra, Sun Blossom 00037000470229
Fabric Conditioner, Sun Blossom 00037000476818
Fabric Conditioner, Protect & Refresh, April Fresh 00037000620808
Fabric Conditioner, April Fresh 00037000623090
Fabric Conditioner, April Fresh 00037000634171
Fabric Conditioner, Active Fresh 00037000636373
Fabric Conditioner, Active Fresh 00037000636519
Fabric Conditioner, Active Fresh 00037000637509
Dryer Sheets, Sport Odor Defense, Febreze Freshness 00037000743729
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Tide Original 00037000754466
In-Wash Scent Booster, Tide Original 00037000754473
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Tide, Original 00037000754480
Fabric Conditioner, Cool Cotton 00037000754893
Scent Booster, In-Wash, HE, Outdoor Fresh 00037000762928
Odor Defense, In Wash, April Fresh 00037000762935
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Lush 00037000762980
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Blissfuls 00037000763000
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Active Fresh, Fresh Protect, Odor Defense 00037000763024
Odor Defense, In Wash, Sport, Fresh Blossom 00037000763048
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Botanical Mist 00037000763093
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Lavender Serenity 00037000763109
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Fresh 00037000763123
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Shimmer 00037000763130
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Spring 00037000763147
Odor Defense, in Wash, Active Fresh, with Febreze 00037000763307
Odor Defense, in Wash, April Fresh, with Febreze 00037000763321
Odor Defense, In Wash, Sport, Fresh Blossom 00037000763338
In-Wash Scent Booster, Amber Blossom 00037000763345
In-Wash Scent Booster, Lavender Serenity 00037000763369
Scent Booster, In-Wash, HE, Fresh 00037000763376
In-Wash Scent Booster, Lush 00037000763383
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Shimmer 00037000763390
In-Wash Scent Booster, Spring 00037000763406
Scent Booster, In-wash, Blissfuls 00037000763413
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Fresh 00037000763604
Fabric Conditioner, Rose Water & Aloe 00037000764083
Fabric Conditioner, Plant Based, Honey Lavender 00037000764106
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Lush 00037000775416
Fabric Softener, Sheets, Outdoor Fresh 00037000800712
Fabric Softener Sheets, Outdoor Fresh 00037000801689
Fabric Softener, Sheets, Free & Gentle 00037000802525
Fabric Softener, Sheets, Fresh Linen 00037000802532
In-Wash Scent Booster, Fresh 00037000804536
In-Wash Scent Booster, Lush 00037000804598
Dryer Sheets, Free & Gentle 00037000825845
Fabric Softener, With Febreze Fresh Scent, Spring & Renewal 00037000834410
Fabric Softener 00037000834427
In-Wash Scent Booster, Shimmer 00037000834625
Fabric Conditioner, Lavender Serenity 00037000834663
Fabric Conditioner, Lavender Serenity 00037000834670
Fabric Softener, Ultra, Lavender Serenity 00037000834687
Fabric Softener, Ultra, Lavender Serenity 00037000834694
Fabric Softener, Orchid Allure 00037000835103
Fabric Softener, April Fresh 00037000835110
Fabric Softener, Ultra, Sage Jasmin 00037000835387
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Fresh 00037000853022
In-Wash Scent Booster, Shimmer 00037000853039
In-Wash Scent Booster, Spring 00037000856702
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Spring 00037000856795
In-Wash Scent Booster, Glow 00037000867456
In-Wash Scent Booster, Fresh 00037000885955
In-Wash Scent Booster, Dreams 00037000889991
Fabric Softener, Infusions, Sweet Dreams 00037000890065
In-Wash Scent Booster, Fresh 00037000898191
In-Wash Scent Booster, Spring 00037000898207
In-Wash Scent Booster, Outdoor Fresh 00037000899860
Scent Booster, Outdoor Fresh 00037000899877
In-Wash Scent Booster, Outdoor Fresh 00037000901105
Fabric Conditioner, Botanical Mist 00037000903178
Fabric Conditioner, Botanical Mist 00037000903185
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Mist 00037000915713
In-Wash Odor Defense, with Febreze, Active Fresh 00037000924739
In-Wash Odor Defense, with Febreze, Active Fresh 00037000924746
Odor Shield, In-Wash, Fresh Blossom 00037000924845
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Blissfuls 00037000927198
Fabric Conditioner, Amber Blossom 00037000952732
Fabric Conditioner, Amber Blossom 00037000952756
Fabric Conditioner, Amber Blossom 00037000952794
Fabric Conditioner, Amber Blossom 00037000952800
Odor Defense, In Wash, April Fresh 00037000957041
Odor Defense, In Wash, April Fresh, with Febreze 00037000957058
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Lavender Serenity 00037000986997
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Lavender Serenity 00037000987017
In-Wash Scent Booster, Amber Blossom 00037000987055
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Amber Blossom 00037000987062
Scent Booster, In-Wash, Botanical Mist 00037000987109
In-Wash Scent Booster, Botanical Mist 00037000987123
In Wash Odor Defense, April Fresh, with Febreze 00037000998143
Fabric Softener, with Febreze Freshness, HE, Spring & Renewal 00037000999690
Dryer Sheets, Fresh Linen 00037000999874
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