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Del Monte® Fruit Cup®

Del Monte® Fruit Cup® On any TWO (2) Del Monte® Fruit Cup® Snacks (4-pack)

exp: 12/30/2018


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Product UPC
Peaches, Diced 00024000002109
Mixed Fruit, In Heavy Syrup 00024000002314
Diced Peaches 00024000012115
Mandarin Oranges, in Light Syrup 00024000015055
Mixed Fruit, Cherry 00024000015185
Pears, Diced 00024000025603
Pineapple Tidbits 00024000025627
Peaches, Diced, in Strawberry-Banana Flavored Gel 00024000030560
Peaches in Naturally Flavored Raspberry Gel 00024000030577
Peaches, Diced 00024000034094
Mixed Fruit 00024000034100
Peaches, California, Diced, Strawberry-Banana Flavor 00024000034117
Cherry Mixed Fruit, in Light Syrup, Cherry Flavor 00024000034124
Pineapple Tidbits 00024000035589
Tropical Fruit 00024000035596
Mandarin Oranges 00024000050445
Peaches, Diced, in Peach Flavored Gel 00024000051978
Mandarin Oranges, in Orange Flavored Gel 00024000051985
Mixed Fruit, in Cherry Flavored Gel 00024000051992
Mixed Fruit 00024000115526
Peaches, California, 50 Calorie, Diced 00024000115625
Fruit & Veggie Fusions, Peach Strawberry 00024000223573
Mandarin Oranges, No Sugar Added 00024000367024
Peaches, California, Diced, No Sugar Added 00024000393429
Pears, Diced, California 00024000393443
Pears, Diced, in Water, No Sugar Added 00024000507765
Mixed Fruit, No Sugar Added 00024000507772
Pears, Diced, in Extra Light Syrup, with Vanilla & Spice 00024000522522
Mangos, Diced 00024000524458
Mango Pineapple 00024000525714
Pineapple, in Coconut Flavored Light Syrup, Pineapple Coconut 00024000549970
Fruit & Veggie Fusions, Apple Pear Watermelon 00024000554189
Fruit Trio, Cherry Flavored 00024000554196
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