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Children's Dimetapp®

Children's Dimetapp® any ONE (1) Children's Dimetapp® product (any variety or size)

exp: 4/30/2018


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Product UPC
Day/Night Pack, Grape Flavor 00300312146237
Fever & Sore Throat, 00300312201134
Cold & Allergy Elixir, Yummy Grape Taste 00300312230325
Cough & Cold DM Elixir, Childrens, Grape 00300312234125
Cold & Cough, Grape Flavor 00300312234132
Cold & Cough, Children's, Grape 00300312234187
Cold & Cough, Grape Flavor 00300312234194
Nasal Decongestant, Antihistamine, Yummy Grape Taste 00300312235122
Cold & Allergy, Grape Flavor 00300312235139
Cold & Allergy, Elixir, Yummy Grape Taste 00300312235184
Cold & Allergy, Grape Flavor 00300312235191
Long Acting Cough Plus Cold, Syrup, Grape 00300312238123
Cough Plus Cold, Long Acting, Grape Flavor 00300312238130
Cold & Cough Drops, Decongestant Plus Cough, Great Grape Taste 00300312243127
Cold & Chest Congestion, Syrup, Grape 00300312244124
Multi-Symptom Cold & Flu, Red Grape Flavor 00300312246128
Nighttime Cold & Congestion, Grape Flavor 00300312247132
Cold & Flu, Multi-Symptom, Red Grape Flavor 00300312249044
Infant Drops, Decongestant, Grape 00300312283789
Cold & Fever Suspension, Ibuprofen Formula, Grape 00300312294105
Cold Relief, Multi-Symptom, Grape Flavor 00300312295126
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