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Tide on ONE Tide Detergent 69 oz or higher. (excludes Tide Purclean, Tide PODS, Tide Rescue, Tide Simply, Tide detergent 10 oz and trial/travel size).

exp: 3/31/2018


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Product UPC
Detergent, HE, Free & Gentle 00037000088851
Detergent, Original 00037000088868
Detergent, HE, Bleach Alternative, Original 00037000088875
Detergent, HE, Spring & Renewal 00037000088899
Detergent, Clean Breeze 00037000090908
Detergent, Plus Bleach Alternative, Clean Breeze 00037000091196
Detergent, Clean Breeze 00037000110316
Detergent, Clean Breeze 00037000137498
Detergent, 2X Ultra, Fresh Scent 00037000137580
Detergent, Fresh Scent 00037000137597
Detergent, Mountain Spring 00037000137757
Detergent, 2X Concentrated, Original Scent 00037000137887
Detergent, Bleach Alternative, Original 00037000137894
Detergent, 2x Ultra, Clean Breeze 00037000137962
Detergent, Clean Breeze 00037000138167
Detergent, 2X Ultra, Spring & Renewal 00037000138334
Detergent, Spring & Renewal 00037000138358
Detergent, 2X Ultra, April Fresh 00037000138464
Detergent, April Fresh 00037000138471
Detergent, Original Scent 00037000138815
Detergent, Original Scent 00037000138822
Detergent 00037000138907
Detergent, Mountain Spring 00037000139010
Detergent, Mountain Spring 00037000139027
Detergent, 2X Ultra, Clean Breeze 00037000158158
Detergent, Renewing Rain 00037000176398
Detergent, Renewing Rain 00037000176404
Detergent, HE, Renewing Rain 00037000176503
Detergent, Plus a Touch of Downy, HE, April Fresh 00037000211594
Detergent 00037000224037
Detergent, HE, Original Scent 00037000224051
Detergent, Fresh Scent 00037000230571
Detergent, Clean Breeze 00037000230595
Detergent, Free & Gentle 00037000230618
Detergent, Mountain Spring 00037000230625
Detergent, Original 00037000230649
Detergent, HE, Clean Breeze 00037000230663
Detergent, HE 00037000230670
Detergent, HE Turbo Clean, Original 00037000230687
Detergent, Renewing Rain 00037000230700
Detergent, Renewing Rain 00037000230755
Detergent, 2x Ultra, Clean Breeze 00037000230809
Detergent, Bleach Alternative, Original 00037000230816
Detergent, Plus Febreze Freshness, Spring & Renewal 00037000230878
Detergent, April Fresh 00037000230892
Detergent, Clean Breeze 00037000230915
Detergent, 2X Ultra, April Fresh 00037000230946
Detergent, 2X Ultra, Lavender 00037000241133
Detergent, for Coldwater, HE, Fresh Scent 00037000254614
Detergent, Fresh Scent 00037000254638
Detergent, HE 00037000264828
Detergent, Ultra, Original Scent 00037000277880
Laundry Detergent, Concentrated, Original Scent 00037000277897
Detergent, Ultra, Original Scent 00037000277910
Detergent, Ultra, Original Scent 00037000277927
Detergent, Ultra, Free & Gentle 00037000278009
Detergent, Active Fresh Scent 00037000280149
Detergent, Active Fresh Scent 00037000298038
Detergent, HE Turbo Clean, Original 00037000474678
Detergent, HE Turbo Clean, Fresh Coral Blast 00037000737384
Detergent, Fresh Coral Blast 00037000737407
Detergent, HE Turbo Clean, April Fresh 00037000739777
Detergent, Ultra Oxi 00037000752646
Detergent, HE Turbo Clean, Ultra Oxi 00037000752653
Detergent, Ultra Oxi 00037000753902
Detergent, Ultra, Original 00037000814672
Detergent, Vivid White + Bright Plus Bleach, HE, Original 00037000849834
Detergent, April Fresh 00037000849841
Detergent, Plus Bleach, Vivid White + Bright, Clean Breeze 00037000849858
Detergent, Ultra, Plus Bleach, Original 00037000849865
Detergent, Ultra, April Fresh 00037000849896
Detergent, Mountain Spring 00037000849902
Detergent, Ultra, Original 00037000849919
Detergent, Crystals, Clean Breeze 00037000849926
Detergent, Free & Gentle 00037000849957
Detergent, Original 00037000849971
Detergent, Plus Bleach, Original 00037000849988
Detergent, Original 00037000850045
Detergent, Mountain Spring 00037000850052
Detergent, HE, Original 00037000850069
Detergent, Original 00037000858706
Detergent, Coldwater Clean, Fresh Scent 00037000873549
Detergent, Coldwater Clean, Mountain Spring 00037000874188
Detergent, Coldwater Clean, HE, Fresh Scent 00037000874201
Detergent, Coldwater Clean, HE Turbo Clean, Original 00037000874218
Detergent, Downy, April Fresh 00037000874546
Detergent, April Fresh 00037000874553
Detergent, April Fresh 00037000874560
Detergent, A Touch of Downy, Clean Breeze 00037000874591
Detergent, HE, April Fresh 00037000874737
Detergent, HE, April Fresh 00037000874744
Detergent, Sport, Active Fresh 00037000875000
Detergent, Sport, Active Fresh 00037000875017
Detergent, Sport, Active Fresh 00037000875024
Detergent, HE, Sport, Active Fresh 00037000875161
Detergent, HE Turbo Clean, Sport Odor Defense, Febreze Freshness 00037000875178
Detergent, Sport, HE, Active Fresh 00037000875185
Detergent, Bleach Alternative, Clean Breeze 00037000875406
Detergent, Bleach Alternative, Clean Breeze 00037000875413
Detergent, Bleach Alternative, Clean Breeze 00037000875420
Detergent, Bleach Alternative, Original 00037000875468
Detergent, Bleach Alternative, Original 00037000875475
Detergent, Bleach Alternative, HE, Original 00037000875499
Detergent, HE, Bleach Alternative, Original 00037000875505
Detergent, HE, Spring & Renewal 00037000875611
Detergent, HE Turbo Clean, Spring & Renewal 00037000875628
Detergent, Spring & Renewal 00037000875659
Detergent, Spring & Renewal 00037000875666
Detergent, Febreze Freshness, Spring & Renewal 00037000875673
Detergent, HE, Ultra Stain Release, Original 00037000875871
Stain Release, Ultra Stain Release, HE, Original 00037000875888
Detergent, Ultra Stain Release, Original 00037000889762
Detergent, Ultra Stain Release, HE Turbo Clean, Original 00037000894377
Detergent, HE, Sweet Dreams 00037000898238
Detergent, HE Turbo Clean, April Fresh 00037000905356
Detergent, Bleach Alternative, HE Turbo Clean, Original 00037000905387
Detergent, Febreze Freshness, HE Turbo Clean, Spring & Renewal 00037000905394
Detergent, Febreze Freshness, HE Turbo Clean, Sport Odor Defense 00037000918233
Detergent, Free & Gentle 00037000918394
Detergent, HE Turbo Clean, Original 00037000918530
Detergent, HE Turbo Clean, Spring & Renewal 00037000979371
Laundry Detergent, Febreze Freshness, Botanical Rain 00037000985112
Laundry Detergent, Febreze Freshness, Botanical Rain 00037000985129
Detergent, HE Turbo Clean, Botanical Rain 00037000985167
Detergent, Original 00037000995173
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