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Venus on ONE Venus/Daisy Disposable ( 2ct or larger, excludes Daisy 2ct).

exp: 3/31/2018


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Product UPC
Razors, Disposable, 5 Blades 00047400001381
Razors, Disposable 00047400300712
Razors, Disposable, with Shave Gel Bars 00047400301061
Razors, Disposable, 3 Blades, Oceana 00047400313880
Razors, Disposable, Sensitive 00047400313897
Razors, Disposable, Tropical 00047400313910
Disposable Razors, Sensitive 00047400313927
Razors, Disposable, 5 Blades 00047400314610
Razors, Disposable, 3 Blades 00047400314641
Razors, Disposable 00047400315358
Disposable Razors, + with a Touch of Aloe 00047400649903
Salon Formula Shampoo for Dull, Dry, Fly-Away Hair 00047400655218
Razor, Disposable 00047400660571
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