Chex Mix™, Bugles™, Gardetto’s™

Chex Mix™, Bugles™, Gardetto’s™ when you buy TWO BAGS any 3.7 OZ. OR LARGER Chex Mix™, Chex Mix™ Muddy Buddies™, Chex*

exp: 4/14/2018


Disclaimer:* *Mix™ Popped™, Bugles™ Corn Snacks, OR Gardetto’s™ Snack Mix Void if altered, copied, sold, purchased, transferred, exchanged or where prohibited or restricted by law. One coupon per purchase of specified product(s). Good only in USA, APOs & FPOs. CONSUMER: No other coupon may be used with this coupon. Consumer pays any sales tax. RETAILER: General Mills will reimburse you the face value of this coupon plus handling if submitted in compliance with our redemption policy. Copy available upon request. Cash value 1/100 cent. Send to GENERAL MILLS 8, NCH Marketing Services, P.O. Box 880001, El Paso TX 88588-0001 or an authorized clearinghouse.

Product UPC
Snack Mix, Honey BBQ 00016000114784
Snack Mix, Sour Cream and Onion 00016000114814
Snack Mix, Savory, Cheddar 00016000126060
Snack Mix, Savory, Bold Party Blend, Value Size 00016000136809
Snack Mix, Cheddar 00016000146341
Snack Mix, Hot 'n Spicy 00016000151109
Snack Mix, Chocolate Flavored Peanut Butter 00016000151352
Snack Mix, Turtle 00016000151369
Snack Mix, Italian Cheese Blend 00016000156609
Snack Mix, Peanut Lovers' 00016000158108
Snack Mix, Savory Cheddar 00016000158405
Snack Mix, Savory, Bold Party Blend 00016000159402
Snack Mix, Savory Cheddar, Family Size 00016000159501
Snack Mix, Sweet 'n Salty, Caramel Crunch 00016000159709
Snack Mix, Savory, Traditional, Family Size 00016000159808
Snack Mix, Savory, Traditional 00016000159907
Snack Mix, Traditional, Savory 00016000160101
Snack Mix, Sweet 'n Salty Honey Nut 00016000160606
Snack Mix, Dark Chocolate 00016000162396
Snack Mix, Sweet & Salty Trail Mix 00016000164307
Snack Mix, Honey Nut 00016000164901
Snack Mix, Original Recipe 00016000166196
Snack Mix, Italian Recipe 00016000166998
Snack, Chocolate Caramel 00016000169517
Snack, Cheddar 00016000169524
Snack Mix, Cheddar 00016000175723
Snack Mix, Chocolate Turtle 00016000177482
Rye Chips, Garlic 00016000193338
Snack Mix, Original Recipe, Family Size 00016000193604
Snack Mix, Original Recipe 00016000193703
Snack Mix, Reduced Fat, Original Recipe 00016000193802
Pretzel Mix, Deli-Style Mustard 00016000193901
Snack, Peanut Butter & Chocolate 00016000280526
Snack Mix, Honey Nut 00016000281622
Corn Snacks, Crispy, Nacho Cheese Flavored 00016000283206
Snack Mix, Sour Cream & Onion 00016000283466
Corn Snacks, Crispy, Original Flavor, Value Size 00016000283503
Corn Snacks, Crispy, Original 00016000283701
Corn Snacks, Crispy, Caramel 00016000287914
Corn Snacks, Crispy, Original Flavor, Single Serve Bags, Multipack 00016000289888
Corn Snacks, Crispy, Ranch 00016000363243
Corn Snacks, Crispy, Chocolate Peanut Butter 00016000418837
Snack Mix, Original 00016000421981
Snack Mix, Italian Herb & Parmesan 00016000423732
Snack, Brownie Supreme 00016000424456
Snack, Cookies & Cream 00016000425675
Chips, Baguette, Italian Cheese & Herb 00016000437814
Chips, Baguette, Cheddar Sun Dried Tomato 00016000437821
Chips, Multigrain, Cheddar Jalapeno 00016000438583
Chips, Multigrain, Cinnamon & Sugar 00016000438590
Snack Mix, Popped, Movie Theater Butter 00016000438972
Snack Mix, Jalapeno Cheddar 00016000446533
Snack Mix, Sweet Peanut Butter Crunch 00016000446540
Crispy Corn Snacks, Original Flavor 00016000451278
Crispy Corn Snacks, Nacho Cheese Flavor 00016000451285
Snack Mix, Spicy Chex Mix and Bugles, Cheddar Hot Buffalo 00016000466968
Snack Mix, Cookies & Cream 00016000467019
Muddy Buddies, Peanut Butter & Chocolate 00016000467026
Snack Mix, Turtle, Family Size 00016000468122
Snack Mix, Chipotle Cheddar 00016000474338
Snack Mix, Popped!, Sweet & Salty 00016000483019
Snack Mix, White Cheddar 00016000483026
Classic Mix 00016000497023
Chips, Garlic Rye 00016000502789
Snack Mix, Chipotle Cheddar 00016000505384
Snack Mix, Jalapeno Cheddar, Spicy 00016000505827
Muddy Buddies, Cookies & Cream 00016000507043
Snack Mix, Peanut Butter & Chocolate 00016000507326
Snack, Snickerdoodle 00016000508835
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