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exp: 5/4/2018


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Product UPC
Semi-Permanent Color, Red 30 00071249337707
Hair Color, Semi-Permanent, Aqua 700 00071249337714
Hair Color, Semi-Permanent, Soft Pink 300 00071249337721
Semi-Permanent Color, Purple 400 00071249337738
Hair Color, Semi-Permanent, Burgundy 20 00071249337745
Hair Color, Semi-Permanent, Tangerine 40 00071249337752
Hair Color, Semi-Permanent, Blue 600 00071249337769
Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Teal 10 00071249337776
Hair Color, Semi-Permanent, Pink 200 00071249337783
Semi-Permanent Color, Indigo 500 00071249337806
Clear Mixer, ClearMixer 00 00071249337813
Spray, 1-Day Color, Silver 01 00071249337837
Colorista Spray, 1-Day Color, (hashtag)Rosegold02 00071249337844
Spray, 1-Day Color, Purple 200 00071249337851
Spray, 1-Day Color, Blue 300 00071249337868
Colorista Spray, 1-Day Color,(hashtag)HotPink100 00071249337875
Spray, 1-Day Color, Lavender 20 00071249337905
Haircolor, All Over 00071249340929
Bleach, Highlights 00071249340936
Shampoo, Fading, Fader 00071249340950
Haircolor, Ombre 00071249344231
Semi-Permanent Color, Turquoise 650 00071249360712
Semi-Permanent Color, Hotpink 350 00071249360729
Semi-Permanent Color, Midnight Blue 15 00071249360736
Semi-Permanent Color, Limegreen 800 00071249360743
Semi-Permanent Color, Maroon 22 00071249360781
Semi-Permanent Color, Green 5 00071249360798
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