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L'Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Paris on ANY (1) L'Oreal Paris Elvive or Hair Expert or Advanced Hairstyle hair care product (excludes 1oz, 3oz shampoo & conditioner)

exp: 5/4/2018


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Product UPC
Conditioner, Hydrating, Power Moisture 00071249207253
Shampoo, Hydrating, Power Moisture 00071249207260
Shampoo, Protecting, Color Vibrancy 00071249207277
Conditioner, Protecting, Color Vibrancy 00071249207284
Conditioner, Repairing, Total Repair 5, Damaged Hair 00071249207291
Shampoo, Repairing, Total Repair 5, Damaged Hair 00071249207307
Shampoo, Polishing, Smooth Intense 00071249239971
Conditioner, Polishing, Smooth Intense 00071249239988
Shampoo, Nourishing, Anti-Oxidant, Color-Treated Hair 00071249239995
Shampoo, Repairing, Total Repair 5, Damaged Hair 00071249240014
Conditioner, Repairing, Total Repair 5, Damaged Hair 00071249240021
Dual Protect Spray, Color Vibrancy 00071249240069
Multi-Restorative Dry Oil, Total Repair 5, Ceramide 00071249240076
Damage-Erasing Balm, Total Repair 5 00071249240106
Moisture Rush Mask, Power Moisture 00071249240113
Frizz Taming Serum, Leave In, Smooth Intense 00071249240502
Straight Creme, Xtreme 00071249240519
Shampoo, Nourishing, Antioxidant 00071249246771
Conditioner, Nourishing, Antioxidant 00071249246788
Shampoo, Restoring, Ceramide 00071249246795
Conditioner, Restoring, Ceramide 00071249246801
Shampoo, Reinforcing, Triple Resist 00071249248607
Conditioner, Reinforcing, Triple Resist 00071249248614
Shampoo, Reinforcing, Arginine 00071249248669
Instant Shock Treatment, Color Vibrancy 00071249265864
Root to Tip Fixer, Color Vibrancy 00071249265871
Shampoo, Thickening, Volume Filler, Fine, Thin Hair 00071249265888
Conditioner, Thickening, Volume Filler, Fine, Thin Hair 00071249265895
Mousse, Volume Inject, Boost It 00071249265970
Extraordinary Oil 00071249266236
Volume Filler, Fiber Amplifying Concentrate 00071249273081
Hairspray, Bold Control, Extra Strong 00071249274514
Creation Spray, High Lift, Strong Hold 00071249274538
Mousse, Curl Elastic, Curve It 00071249274583
Deconstructing Gum, TXT It 01, Strong Hold 3, Low Shine 00071249274606
Hyper-Fix Putty, Txt It 02, 4, Extra Strong Hold, Matte Finish 00071249274620
Heatspray, Iron Straight 00071249274699
Extraordinary Oil, Dry to Coarse Hair 00071249276006
Hairspray, Weather Control, Anti Frizz 00071249276747
Tousle Waves Spray, Txt It 00071249276860
Shampoo, Renewing, Total Repair Extreme 00071249278574
Conditioner, Renewing, Total Repair, Extreme, Extremely Damaged Hair 00071249278581
Split Ends Fixer 00071249278611
Emergency Recovery Mask 00071249278628
Conditioner, Restoring, Ceramide 00071249278703
Shampoo, Restoring, Ceramide 00071249278710
Conditioner, Reconstructing, Lactic AHA 00071249283646
Shampoo, Reconstructing, Lactic AHA 00071249283660
Shampoo, Thickening, Filloxane 00071249283677
Conditioner, Thickening, Filloxane 00071249283684
Shampoo, Nourishing, Extraordinary Oil 00071249292310
Conditioner, Nourishing, Extraordinary Oil 00071249292327
Conditioner, Strengthening, Ultimate Straight, Daily Care 00071249292365
Shampoo, Strengthening, Ultimate Straight, Daily Care 00071249292372
Balm, Straight Perfecting, Smooth Intense, Ultimate Straight 00071249292419
Quick Dry Primer Spray 00071249292686
Thermal Smoother Cream 00071249292693
Style Gel, Extreme, Maximum Hold 00071249292723
Blow Out Longwear Spray 00071249296653
Shampoo, Nutri-Gloss, High Shine, Daily Care 00071249304396
Conditioner, Nutri-Gloss, High Shine, Daily Care 00071249304402
Extraordinary Oil, Camellia & Sunflower 00071249308929
Shampoo, Restoring, Total Repair 5, Ceramide, Daily Care 00071249314043
Conditioner, Restoring, Total Repair 5, Ceramide, Daily Care 00071249314050
Shampoo, Nourishing, Extraordinary Oils, Curls, Daily Care 00071249317518
Conditioner, Nourishing, Curls, for Very Dry, Curly Hair 00071249317525
Style Cream, Un-Done, Flexible Hold, for Medium to Coarse 00071249329559
Mousse, Ruffled Body, Strong Hold, for Waves & Curls 00071249329566
Wave Swept Spray, Flexible Hold 00071249329573
Shampoo, Rebalancing, Extraordinary 00071249334959
Conditioner, Rebalancing, Extraordinary Clay 00071249334966
Pre-Shampoo Treatment, Clay Mask, Extraordinary Clay 00071249334973
Dry Shampoo, Extraordinary Clay 00071249334980
Shampoo, Protecting, Color Vibrancy, Intensive, Color Damaged Hair 00071249335024
Conditioner, Protecting, Color Vibrancy Intensive, Color Damaged Hair 00071249335031
Repair Mask, Post Color, Color Vibrancy Intensive, Anti-Oxidant [UV] + Ceramide 00071249338476
Shampoo, Deep Nourishing, Extraordinary Oil, Very Dry Hair 00071249362778
Conditioner, Deep Nourishing, Extraordinary Oil, Very Dry Hair 00071249362822
Leave in Conditioner, Protein Recharge, Damaged Hair 00071249364840
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